Mediator of the Spirit Realm who utilizes the power of spirits imbued in words.

Rena noticed the spirits have begun to hide away from the humans. She decided to become a mediator ultimately wishing to rekindle the link between the two worlds.

As Rena recorded the spirits’ voices into prose, she noticed that her words have begun to gain the power of the spirits! She decided to embark on a journey using this newfound ability!

A bard who combines the language of the spirits with melody.

As Rena continued to record the voices of the spirits, she wondered about the mysteries of the language. She meets up with an ancient language expert in Feita to decipher the words and discovers how the language gains more powers when melody and chord is added.

With the few combinations and patterns she found, Rena made the song of spirits and becomes a bard who heals people’s hearts and support allies in the battlefield.

The prophet who reads the repeating flow of history and delivers the voice of the world.

As her senses became more acute in Elriabrunnr, the spirits’ voices have become clearer than ever.

Finally, Rena could see that everything in the world had patterns and flow, just like how words had rhyme and rhythm.

With newfound power, came newfound responsibility.

Rena gladly accepted the responsibility, for the spirits, her friends, and all the connections she made.

Combined with her senses and the wisdom of the spirits, she has become the prophet that foresee dangers and lead the world.

Rena’s song becomes the opening to a new era!