The Lord trapped in futility after the second soul contract.

When Ciel receives a fatal wound from the on-going assault from the demon assassins, Lu decides to attempt another soul contract to save him. It was a bet unlikely to succeed, however, Ciel manages to stay alive.

Unfortunately, because of the taxing nature of the contract, Lu’s senses begin to dull, and her emotions begin to fade as a sense of futility begins to engulf her. Lu embraces the abyss and her profound sense of futility manifests as ID – empowering her to destroy her enemies!

The vassal stuck in twisted sense of responsibility.

Following the second soul contract thus receiving most of Lu’s soul, Ciel feels a great demonic energy surging and noticed changes in his body.

When Lu’s emotions begin to fade away after the contract, Ciel believes this to be his fault. He continues to investigate by brutally slaying demons to find more clues about the soul contract but could not find anything.

As Lu’s condition continues to worsen, Ciel’s self-blame and guilt begins to form a twisted sense of responsibility. His determination to never lose anyone again and to bring back what Lu lost materializes through powerful demonic energy, and manifests as Ego.

Lord of futility and the merciless vassal.

Through continuous battles, Ciel gained a stronger demonic energy as well as greater control over it.

He felt guiltless towards the demise of his enemies, allowing him to be more brutal to anyone that stands in his way. However, he still couldn’t find a way to get Lu back to how she was.

As Lu observes Ciel’s dedication, she reminisces the warm emotion she felt before and extends her hand towards Ciel. While Ciel notices Lu extending her hand without a smile, this change gives him hope that his efforts are coming to fruition and that her willpower is returning.

Lu does not care about the throne nor regaining her power and only wish to be with Ciel wherever he leads her. Ciel, on the other hand, believes that everything will be back to how it was if Lu regains her throne and power. Thus begins his determination to destroy everything that stands in his way!