Messenger of the Goddess Who Failed to Fulfill His Mission

After Ain was cut by the Goddess, he blamed himself for the damage to the El and felt disgust towards the humans who were careless with it.

This caused Ain to have severe anxiety until he is shaken and falls ill. As an emergency measure, he collected small amounts of El energy to maintain his body.

This process affects Ain and the El energy awakens new power which Ain named ‘Art’.

Messenger of the Goddess Corrupted y Demonic Energy and Chaos

When the Goddess doesn’t reply to his calls, Ain became afraid that he might have been completely forgotten. On top of that, during his journey, he over exerted himself trying to purify the Dark El he found. However, due to its influence, Ain’s Power came in contact with demonic energy and mutates.

Along with the guilt from being unable to fulfill the Goddess’ mission, the demonic energy ate away at his body which caused him to feel uncontrollable rage.

As a result of this evolving power, Ain begins to steal the power of the El from anyone he found undeserving.

The Twisted Apostle Who Hungers for a Response from the Goddess

Corrupted by demonic energy and chaos, Ain could not return the El to its original state. This made him feel great emptiness and confusion. Because of the never-ending anxiety he feels, Ain finally gave up on the Goddess’ response that he desperately, but resentfully waited for.

In his corrupted mind, Ain thought he can pay for whatever sins he commit later.

With his new corrupted power, Ain opened up the path of a hypocrite and decides to bait for a response from the Goddess – even if he has to destroy the Elrios that the Goddess loves so much.