The swordsman who abandoned the path of redemption to walk the path of revenge.

Even after escaping the mind control device and leaving on a journey for redemption, Raven still feels rage burning within him.

He realizes that the rage is actually his own emotion when his memories resurface, as his pain only grows the more he tries to suppress it.

Raven decides to destroy the Nasod Arm so he can no longer be swayed by the mind control device. He uses Alterasia to destroy the Nasod Arm and leaves to seek out revenge.

A reaper who holds a venomous grudge as he walks the path of revenge.

When Raven destroyed his Nasod Arm using Alterasia, his left arm was mutated, fusing the Nasod technology and the parasitic plant. The plant does not stop at his arm, and continues to spread throughout his body, even blurring out his vision. When he is found fatally wounded, the Ponggos help create an armor that slows down the spread of the plant.

With nothing in his way, Raven mercilessly obliterates his enemies with his venom called loathing.

The wraith knight who carries the wishes of the dead as he walks the path of revenge.

Even though the armor helped slow down the spread of Alterasia, the venom from the mutated Alterasia began to gather in his left arm.

With the amount of venom drenched in his left arm, it gained the ability to instantly turn anything it touched in to ashes. With this newfound ability, Raven was reminded of all his precious allies’ who withered away in vain.

Raven thinks about the moment they will reunite once again and with this in mind; he continues to walk the path of revenge for the dead.