[Event] Chung 4th Path

Learn more about Chung’s 4th Path, Dius Aer, and get fantastic rewards doing quests! Become Elrios’s Sanctuary and let divinity take over!

[Event] The Mad Doctor Add Tournament

Gather all the over-confident Adds in one room and begin a most entertaining battle! Will your Add become the ultimate warrior? Join and find out!

[Item Mall] Hair Reorder

These fancy hairstyles are back! Experiment with your looks and change up these hairstyles’ colors for a unique combination!




  • elsword
  • aisha
  • rena
  • raven
  • eve
  • chung
  • ara
  • elesis
  • add
  • luciel
  • rose
  • ain
  • laby
  • noah

The Guardian

Dius Aer

The Sanctuary the Embraces Everyone Who Needs Protection. As Chung helps out others endless and with a pure heart, his Guardian Stone grows, and he transforms into a new form. So, in the midst of a fierce battle, Chung soared up in the air as if he’s an angel and becomes Dius Aer, the sanctuary that embraces everyone who needs protection and continues his virtuous deeds!