[Ended] Presidents’ Day Event

Celebrate this holiday with Elsword and the rest of the El Search Party! And don’t worry, we’ll fill your inventories with plenty of easy rewards!

[Event] Charming Patissier Event

The cake is not a lie when you’re a charming pâtissier gathering ingredients and gifting cakes to the El Search Party to strengthen your bonds!




  • elsword
  • aisha
  • rena
  • raven
  • eve
  • chung
  • ara
  • elesis
  • add
  • luciel
  • rose
  • ain
  • laby
  • noah
  • lithia

The Seeker


After being rescued out of the chaos realm, Lithia starts contemplating about what the research could be. It hits her that the answers might be lurking in understanding the essence of what she already knows, free from any preconceived notion in order to find the truth. Lithia makes a choice to finally confront the things she’s previously ignored so she wouldn’t be influenced by the taboo she’s created. Shaking off any doubt and unlocking fresh potential for uncovering untold truths, Lithia becomes a seeker who no longer fears the taboo. Let the truth beyond the Rift unfold!