[Event] Weekend Event

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  • elsword
  • aisha
  • rena
  • raven
  • eve
  • chung
  • ara
  • elesis
  • add
  • luciel
  • rose
  • ain
  • laby
  • noah



When Rena noticed the spirits have begun to hide away from the humans, she decided to become a mediator that would bridge the worlds and rekindle their link. She discovers that when she records the spirits’ voices and turn it into prose, she gains the power of the spirits. Soon, she meets up with an ancient language expert from Feita to decipher the spirits language. This is where she discovered that the power grew stronger when melodies and chords added. As her senses became more acute in Elriabrunnr, Rena could see that everything in the world had patterns and flow, just like how words had rhyme and rhythm. Combined with her senses and the wisdom of the spirits, she has become the prophet that foresee dangers and lead the world. Rena’s song becomes the opening to a new era!