[Item Mall] Quirky and Cute Costumes

Whether your goal is to look fun or shock people, these costumes for Ain, Laby, Noah, and Lithia will surely be head-turners! Add a little quirkiness to your day!

[Item Mall] Lithia Items!

Upgrade Lithia’s newest denim collection or flex luxury with the finest yacht in Elrios! Lithia’s Items, now available at the Item Mall for a Limited Time!




  • elsword
  • aisha
  • rena
  • raven
  • eve
  • chung
  • ara
  • elesis
  • add
  • luciel
  • rose
  • ain
  • laby
  • noah
  • lithia

The Seeker


Lithia discovers that the Society has conspired with the nobles of Velder and rushes to the square to stop their plan, unfortunately, she was unable to save her friends. Overcome by malice, she realizes that the Dark Order has played a trick on her and in a fit of rage, Lithia opens the rift and is sucked in. After spending a long time alone, her hatred grew but she barely escapes to Elrianode. She desperately tried to convince herself that it was all a nightmare but her desire for revenge against the Dark Order consumes her. Having lost everything she holds dear and finding out that no place would welcome her, Lithia vows to exact her vengeance. She becomes Mischief and begins her cruel show of revenge.