The Boy Who Wishes to Let Go of His Goal and Settle in the Present

Noah felt a sense of Deja vu as he watched Titania fight realizing that he suddenly has a harder time controlling his power.

He finally learns how to materialize his unstable power with Clamor’s advice. However, the change in environment, using magic he’s never learned before paired with his unstable power

unsettled his mind.

The Traveler Who Traverses Through Reality as If in a Dream

After Noah hears about the truth of the past, he blamed himself for avoiding the reality of what happened. He finally lost hope because he keeps failing to change the past no matter how often he tries.

He soon confessed his feelings of grief and sorrow to Clamor in the past. In return, Noah receives a warm and familiar hand for comfort.

Noah finally falls asleep after Clamor’s consolation and when he awakened, he feels like he can finally have a good dream and try to control his unstable power using materializing magic.

The Dreamer Who Ignores Reality and Travels Through Unrealistic Dreams

Ignoring the true reality, Noah begins to connect the fragmented pieces from the twisted reality, and he mistakes them for the truth.

As Clamor observes Noah mistake him for his brother, he begins to think that this is all Noah’s attempt to survive. The bittersweet side effect of the delusion twists his memories and blurs his grasp on reality. He thinks that perhaps forcing him to see the actual truth will cause Noah harm.

And so, it begins. Noah becomes the dreamer who coasts through reality as if in a dream chasing a morphed goal. Through the mutated power of the moon, Noah invites you to his Phantasy!