The Guardian with a Warm Heart Who Takes Care of Others

After Chung successfully stopped the demon invasion and the city has become rundown, he decided to help out in the relief efforts of Hamel in any way he can.

He soon realized that his bright attitude gives energy to others and decides to do what he can, even if the effort was small.

The Guardian Stone reacts to his burning will and transforms Chung into the Stone Guardian!

The Savior Who Embraces and Helps the Weak

In order to protect the hard-earned peace in Hamel, Chung begins to research the origin of the Guardian Stone – the Water El. With the help of Hamel’s alchemists, they were finally able to awaken a new power!

Chung becomes the Divine Phanes! A hero who escapes from mere sense of obligation and assists even more people with earnest dedication!

The Sanctuary the Embraces Everyone Who Needs Protection

As Chung helps out others endless and with a pure heart, his Guardian Stone grows, and he transforms into a new form.

So, in the midst of a fierce battle, Chung soared up in the air as if he’s an angel and becomes Dius Aer, the sanctuary that embraces everyone who needs protection and continues his virtuous deeds!