The Dual Sword Wielder Who Uses the Blue Weapon Shaped as a Sword

After Elesis saved a few travelers from being attacked by monsters, one of the travelers gifted her a sword embedded with a blue gem that emits great power.

Through her constant training, Elesis learned that she can change the sword’s form at her will. She also learned the dangers of using this new power. However, no matter the cost, Elesis continued her journey with the goal of being able to use her newfound power perfectly!

The Dual Sword Wielder Who Trains to Protect Those She Cherish

Elesis soon realized that the blue power she obtained is related to the El. She begins to feel uncertain as the side effects of using the power causes her to slowly lose her memory. While that may be the side effect, her training and experiences in battle remains intact. The same goes for memories of people. She may not be able to recognize them but her feelings for them remain.

Her memory is the one affected, not her past. And with that resolve, she still feels certain of what she must protect.

And with that, Elesis continued to journey with a new name, Patrona.

Elesis is now able to use the Sword of El freely.

As if showing that she’s slowly merging with the El, her left arm has turned blue.

When she learns that she was chosen as the next El Lady, she thought about her options carefully and concluded that even if she became the El Lady, the problems in Elrios would not be resolved.

She questioned if there’s any reason to follow this chain of repetition?

Strengthening her resolve, Elesis decided to sever this practice that’s been passed down for generations. She opens a new path — not as the El Lady who manages and maintains the Power of El, but as the warrior Adrestia who fells mighty enemies with one swoop and protects Elrios like no other!