After feeling great loss due to losing her mana from the ring, Aisha decides that this loss will provide another good opportunity for her to train her magic.

She finds out about alchemy in Bethma and jumps at the opportunity to learn about the endless potential alchemy provides as well as its connection to ancient magic.

With burning passion and thirst for knowledge, Aisha jumps head-first into researching alchemy eventually becoming the Wiz Magician filled with endless potential!

While researching, Aisha collects any and all information that the Landar family can offer, in order to focus on learning alchemy and to be able to complete her own formula.

As she continued to learn more, she wished to discover even greater knowledge to the point that she begins to conduct experiments on her own body.

Through these experiments, she manages to create a homunculus using magic stones from Bethma as well as creating more flask explosives. Aisha begins her journey towards the ultimate truth!

As Aisha delves more into alchemy, she begins her research into the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. Through many dangerous experimentations, she manages to eventually create one.

What does the world look like if you look through the Philosopher’s Stone?

Aisha decides to become one with the Philosopher’s Stone and through this method, she achieves immortality and is reborn as Lord Azoth, the mighty alchemist who seeks out knowledge for all eternity, even beyond the ultimate truth!