A Nasod Researcher Who Uses Dynamo to Protect Himself

The countless dangers in Elrios cause Add to be warier of his surroundings. “The weak are devoured while the strong rule over. I need to become strong. Because anyone deemed weak will become the target.” Add uses Dynamo as a way to protect himself, and takes on the name Affect Tracer.

A Faker Who Wears a Mask to Serve His Goal

Add finds his mother’s research file on how to treat humans using the extract from plants, from the data he retrieves from Wally. Going through the findings, he realizes that humans are not that different from Nasods. With his mother’s research and his own knowledge of Nasods, he concludes that controlling humans like Nasods will allow him to easily achieve his goal. In doing so, he may finally reveal himself to the world in the name of science.

The Mad Doctor Who Rules with a Mask of Benevolence

The sign of Add’s weakness on his neck barely remains, and he is over the stage of treating and enhancing people from the countless experiments he conducted. Elrios, suffering from the demon invasion, saw new hope in the new hero and healer, but all he sees in them are test subjects. Mere chess pieces that will follow every order and will never betray him. Everything is under Add’s control. He uses the foundation he built from the research to become Overmind — the ruler who leads people to the world of perfection that no one dared to enter before.