The Queen of the Nasods who has awakened a forbidden power.

Eve investigates the destroyed Core and finds a mysterious code that was discarded when there were still research done on Henir.

After some thought, Eve decides that it was worth the risk to release the code in order to obtain a great power. However, when she releases the code, she realizes she lost her Aerial Movement code in exchange.

Eve could not accept that all her efforts have gone towards a mistake and decides to pretend that the lost code never existed in the first place, for She has gained the vast power of Code: Unknown.

The perfect Nasod queen without fail or mistake.

Eve began to rebuild the Nasod Kingdom with the power of Code: Unknown. However, before she knew it, hundreds of error messages begin to build up.

Because she was unable to accept that something is wrong, Eve creates Code: Failess that forces all the failed results to become a success.

This fix in data using the new code have forced all the results to be determined as a success or a failure but to the extreme. This results in Eve overloading her emotional core, causing her to switch between extreme bursts of glee and rage. Eve strives to become the perfect Nasod Queen that is incapable of having any mistakes.

The Queen of Extinction who denies and rules out any who opposes her.

Eve was able to replace the countless of information and loss code with the correct and perfect code.

As more information were forcefully changed to success values, her definition of what it means to be right began to fade. Eve begins to deem that anyone and anything that opposes her perfect self are the errors that must be eradicated.

It was the birth of the Queen of Extinction, who destroys and denies all who opposes her in her perfect fairytale world.