The little savior who awakened her sixth sense and chose to help the holy beasts.

When Ara borrows Eun’s power to protect her family from the demons that ravaged her hometown, she inadvertently awakens her power to commune with spirits.

With her new found ability, Ara is able to see the holy beasts who have lost their home and tries to help them, but Eun tells her she can’t save everything she sees. Despite Eun’s objection, Ara insists helping the holy beasts by taking them in, and in return, the holy beasts begin to lend Ara their spiritual power. Ara begins her new journey as she learns to control her new found power.

The one who represents the holy beasts and sees the world in their perspective.

As Ara continues to track down Ran, she decides to help people who have suffered in the hands of demons. Worried she’s not doing enough, Ara pushes herself to do better but that leads to her bond with the holy beasts becoming weaker.

Through constant training, Ara finally learns that she should not take control of the holy beasts. Instead, she should accept that the power comes from the holy beasts willingly lending their power to her. Ara soon realizes that by understanding each other, the true potential of this spiritual power can be unlocked.

Ara finally comes to an understanding of both worlds and thus begins to stand by the holy beasts.

The guide of all creations who lights the path between the living and the dead.

Ara used to worry that helping the people who suffered from demons, or assisting the holy beasts that lost their home would deter her from her goal of chasing Ran.

However, in the process of helping others, Ara realized how she could guide her brother to the right path. Her connection to the holy beasts led Ara to gaining new perspectives and a better understanding of the world.

Ara gains the power to understand and save both the realm of humans as well as the realm of the holy beasts. She now becomes a powerful guide that lights the path for all creation.