A rebel who fights against the world using defense mechanisms.

As Laby was excited to leave the forest a monster invasion leaves her injured and alone at a destroyed port. She felt fearful by this dangerous world but instinctively realized that showing weakness will mark her as prey. So, she became even more rebellious and aggressive. Nisha is the only one Laby trusts and together they embark on a journey filled with fear and mistrust.

The fun-chasing mischievous trickster.

Laby decides to move forward despite growing uneasy. She falls due to exhaustion from battling enemies that seems to grow even stronger. In that moment, Nisha floated in front of Laby as Nisha absorbed the familiar feeling from monsters and defeated enemies. Laby realized that this feeling was similar to the aura of the Black Forest. And in that moment, she felt safe and relieved!

Nisha is a mirror that contains anything! Laby was certain that if they become stronger by containing this power, they wouldn’t suffer anymore! Together, Laby and Nisha decided to take power from even more enemies and took the next step!

She’s an uncontrollable troublemaker.

Laby realized that Nisha is supposed to embody her sadness, but she refuses to accept that as fact! Laby felt even more emotions towards Nisha who managed to endure all this sadness by herself.

When Laby’s having fun, Nisha is having fun! When Laby is happy, Nisha is also feeling happy! So, if Laby doesn’t feel sadness, that means Nisha won’t feel it as well. Laby finally decides to only chase the happiest things for Nisha. Laby becomes a troublemaker and embraces that lifestyle dreaming of their happiest wonderland!