Lithia Reporting for Duty!

Lithia reports back to duty, always ready for a new adventure! Take the journey with The Seeker with upgraded Lithia-exclusive Ice Burners!

Viable Field Costume

Suit up to become a master tactician on the battlefield! Take enemies by surprise and they’ll know not to mess with you!

Wicked Spring Packages

Spring is blooming with upcoming “wicked” mall updates with only the best offers! We’ve got everything from costumes, dye, ice burners, and enhancement materials.

Mega Elstar Package

Be a stan or a star. Mega Elstar packages will take over re-order shop! Lithia’s path to stardom also comes to a conclusion with these limited additions!

Lithia Costume: Marching Band

Lithia steps into the spotlight and immerses herself in symphony of Elrios! Put her in the spotlight with her very own Marching Band Costume Set!

New Costume: Mood Night

With the new costume, Mood Night, get to set the vibe for a glamorous night! You’re never wrong to don the ensemble of nightlife.

Reorder Shop

Don’t lose your fashion sense on the battlefield! These showstopping fits are back and ready to be worn for an attack!

Lithia IB: Archangel

A new exclusive Ice Burner for Lithia has dropped! Traverse the skies of Elrios as an Archangel once you complete this limited ensemble!