New Mount: Tacitus

Drift through the lands of Elrios with an epic aerial mount that looks as intimidating as it feels! Get your hands on Tacitus and fly to victory!

Ice Burner: Nox Venator

Take advantage of the night! Hunt down and take down your foes when they least expect it. Victory is easy with the Nox Venator Ice Burner Set!

Special Blessed Packages

This is your chance to increase your equipment’s power! These packages on sale will help you sail through the process!

New Custom Sit: Mini Pool

Experience summer anywhere with your very own Mini Pool! You won’t regret this purchase once you experience the coolness this tiny pool could bring.

New Costume: Pearl Mermaid

A new costume has dropped! Looking as mythical and mystical as you are, blend in with those land walkers with an ocean glow! Comes with a pair of feet.

Reorder Shop

Another batch of fun summer themed costumes have returned. Be a sun dazzler! Grab these stunning costumes for a limited time only!

New Mount: Charismatic Sir Pho

Enjoy your road trip with the one and only handsome driver of Elrios who carries around lethal weapons with him… to protect his passengers?

New Costume: Hidden Crowd

It seems a Secret Vigilante Group is in town, and you’re one of ‘em! Style yourself up in subtlety with this new addition for Noah!