New Costume: Pastel Bubble Flower

Rumor has it that a new trend has been ‘gently’ dominating Elrios for a while now. Pastel Bubble Flower Costume is available at the Item Mall for a limited time!

Reorder Shop

Wardrobe missing cool costumes? These returning premium fits might just be what you need! Score one or all of them and be the coolest adventurer around!

New Lithia Items

Let Lithia’s academic life flourish and dress for the occasion! With all the researching that she’s doing, she’s gonna need all the knowledge she get her hands on

Lithia Ice Burners

New Limited Ice Burners for Lithia have been released. Choose between the dignified Sacred Knights or the wicked Evil Tracers!

New Summon Stone: Sonic No. 51

When slow and easy cruising isn’t for you, you ride on the fast lane! Satiate your need for ultimate speed with the newest mount around. We know you gotta go fast!