New Lithia Items!

Don’t let adventuring get in the way of learning! Don Lithia in a cool uniform and let her experience the ups and downs of academy life!

Reorder Shop: Accessories

Look heavenly graceful or devilishly cool. This week’s reorder catalog will definitely be as chic and fashionable as it can get with these returning accessories!

Lithia IB: Celestial Master

Lithia’s stars will guide her to become even more powerful! Dress up and gain the power of the cosmos with a stellar transformation!

New Costume: Over Drive

Love the smell of tires burning? Rev up your engines and don the aesthetic of the adrenalin pump you feel. Embody cool when you dress up!

Romancing with Lithia!

We’re back with more Mall Item Updates for Lithia! Look the prettiest wearing romantic looking outfits with Lithia. Grab them while they’re steaming hot!