Lithia Items!

More costumes equals more style for Lithia! Dress the magical miner in her most dapper. New arrivals of Lithia Items, now on sale in our Item Mall!

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Whether its whimsical spring fits or grungy and industrial threads, these returning costumes will cover all your fashion choices!

New Costume: Eternal Promise

Dress your best and dress to impress! Whether you’re with a significant or you’re alone and want to flaunt your style, this elegant costume is the way to go!

Custom Eye: Tourbillon Eye

Complete the Tourbillon Assemble look by completing the look with a powerful stare! Be mesmerized by this eye set and get it today!

New Lithia Ice Burners!

Leave Elrios bedazzled with the sight of the newest themed Ice Burners for Lithia! The newest Ice Burners for Lithia are now available.

New Pet: Nona

Nothing can come your way with time on your back! She will definitely light the path for you. Get the newest companion for a limited duration only!