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Still can’t decide which uniform fits your aesthetics and personality? Well, come right in because more Elrios uniforms have come back!

New Costume: Budding Flower

Spring is for gathering together with your friends after huddling for warmth all winter! Show ‘em how you’ve bloomed with an elegant and sweet ensemble!

Noah Items

Dress Noah up in the poshest of attires as he enjoy his nightly strolls and ruminate on his thoughts with a dramatic flair!

Custom Eye: Magica Eye

Complete your Flos Magica look and enchant everyone you met with a mere stare! Set yourself apart with these mesmerizing peepers!

IB Skill Cut-In 2nd

With the of a button, let your skills daunt and dazzle to stun your enemies into submission! Deliver the final blow with an artistic flair!

Noah IB: Brilliant Knight

Let Noah don the fearless knight get up! His enemies will flee at the sight as he brandishes his powerful wings! Put on the Brilliant Knight IB set today!

Noah IB: Elpheus

Descended from the heavens and gifted unto Noah so he may have the power to bring justice to those who need it – the Elpheus IB Set is here!