2022 Summer Pre-Registration

Get ready for the hottest summer in Elrios! Pre-register NOW to get blazing hot rewards and experience the newest updates we have for you!

Rena 4th Path

Bridge the gap between the spirits and humans! Through the power of lyrics and music Rena’s newest path will make you sing for joy! Check out Rena’s 4th Path!

Market Board Revamp

We’re stabilizing the Elsword market with these new changes! Try ‘em out and get epically rewarded!

Mount Race Event

Ready your mounts, get set, and go in this exciting new event that’ll have you dashing through for wonderful rewards! Try it out now!

Independence Day Event

Time to celebrate you and everyone else’s independence! Join Elsword and the gang for a whole day of fun!

Hedgehog’s Prize Board

Haul in plenty of awesome rewards when you login every day! Exchange your Prize Tickets when you get enough!

Pet PvP Update

Finally! A way to show the world how powerful your pet is! Battle other players’ pets and see whose pets are the goodest and strongest of all!