Bountiful Guild Life Event

WP Excerpt: A new guild experience is here! Time to explore and take it all in! Enjoy the gifts of Fall for the duration of the event.

End of Year PVP Tournament

The biggest battle at the end of the year starts now! Pre-register and you might become the ultimate champion or the winning duo of the year!

Starlight Shop Event

This is your chance to get a complete set of [Luriel] Magic Wardrobe Tickets! Start collecting Star Coins and get exchanging!

Halloween Costume Art Contest

Calling all artists! Get creative and start drawing for BIG K-Ching prizes! But that’s not all! If you can’t draw, you can still win K-Ching by predicting who’ll be 1st placer!

Protect the Rose Mansion

Defend the Rose Mansion from ne’er do wells! Get wonderful Roses that you can exchange for rewards to fill your inventory!

2023 Harmony Festival

Celebrate the good and bountiful times with Elsword and the gang! There’s plenty of buffs and rewards to go around!