Powerful Punch Master Events

Ready your fists (Or magical fists, at least) and punch through your limits! Rewards await as you become more powerful!

Heart El

The magical gang does a change-up. Here’s the second and final batch of Heart El Mall Items that has helped in “Blissfully Harmonizing” the city of Elrios!

Items to Make You Fall in Love

Spread the love around Elrios while you battle with these whimsical and fun clothing options! Get ‘em for Lithia and the rest of the El Search Party!

Presidents’ Day Event

Celebrate this holiday with Elsword and the rest of the El Search Party! And don’t worry, we’ll fill your inventories with plenty of easy rewards!

Charming Patissier Event

The cake is not a lie when you’re a charming pâtissier gathering ingredients and gifting cakes to the El Search Party to strengthen your bonds!