2023 Special Events!

Start the year with a full inventory and a stronger character! Complete IBs, Find Hedgehogs, and Enhance for a stronger and better you!

Challenge Mode Update Event

If you’re feeling like Raids have become a breeze, we’ve added a Challenge Mode to up the ante and keep you on your raiding toes!

Class Change Chance Event

Want the feel of a different class? Now’s your chance to make it happen! Let’s try something a little different!

4th Path Update Celebration

Let’s celebrate Elesis’ 4th Path launch by updating your wardrobe! Mix and match with your favorite looks today!

2v2 International Server Tournament

SEA & LATAM Warriors, It’s time to show the world how powerful the INT community is! Fight for glory, fight for K-Ching! Join the 2023 International Tourney!

Elesis 4th Path Update

Sever the old destiny and make your own way into the world! With the Sword of El, a new path has emerged!

2023 New Year Event

Another year has begun! What does the new year bring? Find out your fortunes and your reward when you join us!

Powerful Punch Master

Gain power then punch for rewards! There’s even more incentives to getting stronger! So, what are you waiting for? Show ’em your one punch power!