Powerful Punch Master

Gain power then punch for rewards! There’s even more incentives to getting stronger! So, what are you waiting for? Show ’em your one punch power!

2022 Christmas Event

Prepare your home for the holidays! Decorate and get ready to host a house party! The best part? All the furniture is on us!

Raid Weapon Upgrade Event

Want to get ever closer to the pinnacle of power? Upgrade your Raid Weapons in the simplest way possible and increase your strength for good!

Hair Dye System Update

Elevate your sense of identity and stand out! Change the color of your hair anytime you feel like it with the NEW Hair Dye system!

End of Year PVP Tournament

End the year with a showcase of power and skills! Join the 1v1 & 2v2 End of Year Tourneys for a chance at cash and K-Ching!

Guild System Revamp

Changes and improvements incoming! It’s still your good ol’ guild but much better! Check out the awesome additions and adjustments we’ve made!