Super Growth Event

You didn’t have to wait long for these epic events to come back! It’s time to grow and punch your way to power!

Plus Alpha Event: Nox Venator

You thought the Plus Alpha event ended? It’s still here but with a new Ice Burner! This is your chance to complete the all-new Nox Venator!

New Enhancement Events

Get your fill of epic rewards with a chance to complete 2 Ice Burner Sets! Also, don’t miss this opportunity to greatly enhance your equipment!

2023 Labor Day Event

It’s a holiday! Spend this time in Elrios with Elsword and the gang to get rewards and enjoy burning fun!

New Region: Monaterra

Enter the Land of the Dead and discover what awaits the El Search Party! Get ready for new enemies, new systems, and a new atmosphere!

New Class Change Event

It’s time for a change! Switch up your abilities and experience all new power! This is your chance to try out something fresh!

Powerful Lucky Chance!

You’re in for a treat! For a limited time, you will be able to acquire an Item that will help with enhancements. How lucky can you get though?