Autumn Attendance Event

Take in fall’s bounty! Fill your inventories and all you have to do is log in daily to get your reward for the day!

Class Change Event

Get the freedom to try something different for a change! Get your change tickets right here!

Laby Plays Hide and Seek

GM Raiden’s Laby is running amok and hiding around Elrios! It’s time to find GM Raiden’s Laby before chaos ensues!

Laby’s 4th Path Fanart Event

Welcome troublemaker Laby with a loud and attention-grabbing bang! Let’s start the welcoming party by using your imagination to draw Laby and Nisha!

Laby 4th Path

Get ready for trouble! Laby’s 4th Path is here and she’s powered up by her rebellious spirit! Prepare yourselves for Laby and Nisha’s chaotic antics!

Weekend Event Package Sale

These raiding essentials are on sale just for this weekend, and you better not miss ‘em! Get your hands on these awesome deals and get raiding!