Protect the Rose Mansion

Defend the Rose Mansion from ne’er do wells! Get wonderful Roses that you can exchange for rewards to fill your inventory!

2023 Harmony Festival

Celebrate the good and bountiful times with Elsword and the gang! There’s plenty of buffs and rewards to go around!

Super Growth Event

You didn’t have to wait long for these epic events to come back! It’s time to grow and punch your way to power!

Plus Alpha Event: Nox Venator

You thought the Plus Alpha event ended? It’s still here but with a new Ice Burner! This is your chance to complete the all-new Nox Venator!

New Enhancement Events

Get your fill of epic rewards with a chance to complete 2 Ice Burner Sets! Also, don’t miss this opportunity to greatly enhance your equipment!

2023 Labor Day Event

It’s a holiday! Spend this time in Elrios with Elsword and the gang to get rewards and enjoy burning fun!