We at KOG Games value our players’ privacy and safety. Here are some helpful tips to keep your account secure

Never share your account information with anyone.

Beware of people who ask for your account and personal information.

Please remember that GMs will never ask for your password.

Be cautious of in-game scammers.

KOG Games is not responsible for the outcome of any trades between players.

If you don’t know your trading partner very well, think carefully about whether you want to take the risk.

Avoid external websites that sell ED or K-Ching for following reasons:

Most of these sites are created to steal credit card details and other personal information.

Any players found promoting these sites or doing business with them will have their account immediately banned.

Don’t follow links offered by in-game phishers.

Many scammers may give you external URLs to visit outside of the game.

GMs will never give you any website to visit other than official Elsword domains.

Activate your Security Pin.

The Security Pin Feature is an extra step towards keeping your account safe.

Learn to activate your Security Pin from this guide.

What to do if your account is at risk:

*Change your password right away.

*Check for changes in your account details to see if anyone has accessed your account without your permission.

*Submit a ticket to Customer Support