This function was created to prevent an item from being modified via hacking or other means.

You cannot Trade, Sell, Dismantle, or Discard locked items.

Attach to Mail, Register on Market Board, Enhance, Craft, Exchange, Upgrade, Seal, Unseal, Move to Guild Storage. Cannot Store Looks for Magic Wardrobe.
  • The lock button can be found in the inventory UI.

  • An item can be selected and locked using the Lock button for a max of 365 day.
  • A fee of 10,000 ED is charged per day that the item is set to Locked status.
    • Any locked item cannot be unlocked before the set date.
  • Locked items will have a lock icon.

  • Item Before Lock

    Item After Lock
  • The tooltip will show the lock period of an item when hovering over the item.

  • An item becomes unlocked after the set time expires.