• Guild Maximum Capacity Increase!
Guild Honor Level. 15 20
Guild Skill Points. 15 20
Max Guild Members 100 200
• Guild Skill Revamp!
*Following Skills have been revamped!
Comrade’s Cheer
Critical Counter
Hero’s Sacrifice
Blessed Recovery

  • Close
    Quest Name Accpted When Quest Type NPC in Charge Clear Condition
    [Cooperation/Weekly] The guild of Elrios’ best Heroic Dungeon Adventurers! 1 It is the first part of the quest. Week/Random Myu Clear Heroic Dungeon (10 times)
    [Cooperation/Weekly] The guild of Elrios’ best Heroic Dungeon Adventurers! 2 After clearing the previous quest Week/Serial Clear Heroic Dungeon (50 times)
    [Cooperation/Weekly] The guild of Elrios’ best Heroic Dungeon Adventurers! 3 After clearing the previous quest Week /Serial Clear Heroic Dungeon (120 times)
    Have been added!
  • The Guild Master Qualification Quest has been removed
    Players can now create their Guild by simply purchasing the Guild License from Ariel's Shop.
  • Guild establishment notice will no longer appear.
  • Basic and Intermediate Contracts are removed from NPC Myu located in all villages and inside the Guild Base.
  • Previously purchased Basic and Intermediate Contracts can still be used.
  • *The Basic Service Contract (7 Days) will no longer be given when establishing a guild.
  • The following buff was added:
  • [Cobo]
    Training Time
    Contract (1 Hour)
    Artisan’s Wisdom
    Contract (1 Hour)
    [Cobo] Guild Base
    Fatigue Recovery Service
    Contract (1 Day)
    50% increase in EXP gain for all guild members20% increase in
    Profession EXP for all
    guild members
    Recover HP and MP will recover
    to 100% and reset Cooldown. Cooldown reset is for 1 day
  • *These services can only be purchased using Guild Coins.
    *Guild Buff will apply to each member who visits the Guild Base.
    *For example, if a member visits the guild 20 minutes after the buff has been cast, the player will only receive 40 mins of the buff.
    *The guild buff will end for all guild members at the same time.
  • Myu will be placed in every village in front of the Guild Flag.

  • Myu will have the options to, “Enter”, access “Services”, and “Guild Advertisements”
  • While inside the guild, Myu will have a different set of options.
  • Village Interaction

    Guild Base Interaction
  • A guild can choose their guild type when registering for guild advertisement.
  • Guild names can now be searched from Guild Advertisement.
  • When advertising, guild info, guild level, guild master, number of members, date established, and guild type will be shown.
  • A filter function has also been applied to quickly search for a guild.
*Other Minor Changes
  • A delete button will be added to the Guild messages UI
    • Guild Master, Administrator, and the original poster of a message are authorized to remove a message if found unnecessary.
    • Delete/Trash Icon is not be available for members not mentioned.
  • The Guild in community tab will be removed.
  • Right-clicking a member’s name on the Guild UI will include a new “Invite to Party” function.
  • Each Guild member’s rank and authority can be set in the Guild Management UI.