• Epic Quest Downscaling
    • Players will be require to play each dungeon only for:
      • 2 Epic quests per dungeon in Feita to Velder
      • 3 Epic quests per dungeon in Hamel to Sander

  • Epic Quests Reward
    • MORE [Cobo] Stamina Potions given as a reward!
      • 2-> 12
    • Removed Dungeon set materials and some equipment rewards
  • EXP Downscale
    • Players below level 90 will require less EXP to level up.

  • Character’s Unique System Details
    • Added Omitted details of each characters’ unique system.
      EX) Chung’s Cannonball System.

  • Visual Notice When New Skill Learned
    • A visual notice will pop-up when a new skill is learned.
  • Normal Dungeons’ Difficulty Level Removed
    • Affects Ruben Dungeon 1 (El’s Tree) – Atlas Dungeon 3 (Elysion Tower).
      *Elysion region’s difficulty level will not be removed.
    • All affected systems are revised to ‘Very Hard’ standards
      (quests, title acquisitions, map name appearances, etc.)

  • New Cubes
    • New Cubes will drop from bosses in dungeons & secret dungeons
      • Beginner
        Adventurer Cube
        Ruben ~ Altera Region
        Adventurer Cube
        Feita ~ Sander Region
        Adventurer Cube
        Lanox ~ Elysion Region
        & Secret Dungeon

  • Enhancement Level of Dropped Equipment
    • Dropped equipment’s’ enhancement level are now +5 instead of +4.

  • Notice when PVP equipment is equipped
    • Upon entering a dungeon, a notice will appear for 3 seconds alerting you that you are wearing PVP equipment.
  • New Item! Magical Crystal
  • Use Instead of
      Magical Crystals   Weapon Scrap Armor Scrap El Gem Alchemy Essence
    • Existing Crafting Method will exist for 2 months.
      Afterwards they will be branded as (Old) Crafting.

    All items acquired form dismantling equipment are replaced with Magical Crystals
    • Weapon
        El Gem Magical
      Crystal Icon
      *All related associations and interactions requiring previous materials will be revised, disabled, or removed.

  • Blacksmith, NPC Crafting and Selling
    • Removed all Blacksmith NPC’s Craft functions.
      • QPL Jellies moved to exchange tab.
      • No longer sell Weapon Casts and Armor Patterns of all levels.
        *Weapon Casts and Armor Pattern in the inventory are disabled.
    • Rare-class equipment available in shops.
    • Helen at Rest Stops no longer sell normal-grade equipment.
      • NPCs in villages and Yuno at Atlas Station will still sell normal-grade equipment.

  • Acquiring Dungeon Equipment Sets
    • Elite-grade dungeon equipment sets can be acquired by:
      • Random drop from regional boss
      • Epic Quests rewards

  • Equipment Repair
    • Option to repair low durability equipment outside villages added with double the cost.

  • Tooltip and Item Grade
    • Barrier’s Fragment have a more in-depth description.
    • Added indicators of whether the equipment can be enhanced or attributed.
    • Item grade for frequently used Materials/Special items changed to become more noticeable in dungeons.