Players need to be Level 99 and up.

3 – 6 players are needed to play.

A permanent mount is needed. Temporary nor VIP mounts are not allowed.

Can only enter from areas with no battles (entering while fishing is allowed).
Entering from dungeons or fields are not allowed.


  • 60 stamina is used up per race. Make sure your mount has enough stamina otherwise you won’t be able to participate!
  • When can stamina be recovered or cannot be recovered?



– Village, Hot Springs, El House, Guild Base and other safe areas
– Unsummoned mount (mount in inventory)
– Waiting in El Rider waiting UI
– Mounts that did not participate in El Rider race
– Sitting while on a mount in the field
– Dungeon, Field, and other areas you can enter in battle with your mount.
– Mounts that participated in El Rider race
(The stamina does not recover until after the race is over and you’ve returned to the village)
2. EXP

  • You can check the EXP of the current mount you’re using. EXP can be gained depending on the rank you place in the El Rider race!


  • Once the mount gains EXP and levels up, they gain 1 random stat!
  • Stat information can be accessed through [Summon > Mount] menu:



Start Enhance
Increase your chances to run faster at the start of the race.
Burst Enhance
Increase your chances to run even faster when activating burst. Burst gauge will be shown below the character. Gauge will increase in increments. Once the gauge is full, Burst will activate.
Charge Enhance
Decrease your chances of colliding into obstacles and increase your chances to dash quickly after jumping. Speed decreases greatly when you collide into obstacles.
Last Spurt Enhance
Last Spurt activates faster and increase chances to run even faster.
The match will end with various results based on the stats of the mounts!
  • Obtain EXP based on ranking! And gain a random stat when your mount levels up!
  • When 6 players have participated, special rewards will be given to players who placed 1st – 3rd.