NEW Guild UI Design!

1. Guild Announcements has been added. Players can check announcements at a glance! Only Guild Masters can create announcements!

2. Check your Guild Expedition Stage and Progress here!

3. Sort function has been added.

4. New in-game alert for new guild applications has been added! Check applications immediately and in real-time!

Guild Management Tab

In here you can:

  • Input guild message
  • Manage guild applications
  • Check application list
Increased Guild Max Level &
Changed Honor Points Acquisition

GUILD MAX LEVEL from Level 25 -> Level 30

Instead of being able to acquire honor points through Dungeon/PVP play, players can now obtain honor points by
completing various guild-related tasks, such as:

  1. Obtaining through using Stamina
  2. By Playing Official PvP
  3. Harvesting Guild Harvest
  4. Watering Guild Harvest
  5. Participating in Guild Expeditions
  6. Completing Guild Quests
  • Honor points will increase equally regardless of character’s level or guild rank.
  • Weekly/Accumulated Honor Points can be checked in Guild UI > Guild Members information.
  • Guild Rank will now be based on guild level and Weekly Honor Points and will be reset every start of the day (00:00 PST).
  • A maximum of 5,000 Honor points each week can be obtained and will be reset every Wednesday at 00:00 PST.
Guild Buff Benefit Tab Improvement
See all the Guild Buff benefit at a glance!

Guild Quest & Rewards Changes

The following guild quests and rewards have been changed and adjusted:

Other Guild System Changes

  • Guild storage use is limited based on honor points obtained.
  • Guild Skill page can be named to make it easier to see the usage of each guild page.
  • Guild Coins can now be used immediately from the inventory by right-clicking.
    • Upon using Guild Coins, the number of guild coins stored will be shown in Guild Storage.
      Players can still obtain Seed Exchange Ticket based on the number of Guild Coins used!
  • Antique Seed Pouch has been improved to Antique Seed Select Pouch to allow seed selection!
  • Guild food items and ingredients have been changed!

Guild Expedition has been changed to progress automatically for characters participating for a set duration!

Entering Guild Expedition

  • [Normal] rank or higher guild members who are Level 99 can participate. New guild members will not be able to participate.
  • Guild Expeditions (GE) will take up to 20 hours and cannot be cancelled after deciding to participate.
  • Once the expedition stage is complete, the participation will end regardless if the 20 hours has been reached or not.
  • Guild Expeditions will reset every Wednesday 00:00 PST. Once it resets, on-going expedition will end.
  • Only 1 character per account in one guild can participate in GE.

Guild Expedition Progress

  • Guild members participating in Guild Expedition (GE) will deal damage to GE monsters in proportion to their Combat Power (CP).
  • GE will progress much faster the higher the total CP of guild members participating.
  • Hitting the Smash button once every 8 hours will give additional damage to expedition monsters. The more guild members are participating, the more powerful the smash attack will be.

Guild Expedition Reward

Once GE is complete, guild rewards and booty rewards can be obtained for each stage. Individual and additional rewards gained will be based on contribution ranking.

  • Guild Coins and Guild Banner Points will be sent immediately to the guild. However, rewards from clicking on the Booty Box will be sent directly to the players’ inventory.
  • Booty Box rewards can only be obtained by players who participated on that expedition stage.

Guild Expedition Achievement

GE achievement conditions have changed:

Guild Expedition has been changed to progress automatically for characters participating for a set duration!

Entering Guild Expedition

Receive blessings for the guild!

How to Use:

  1. Use Receive Blessing from Fountain of Blessing using Guild Coins to receive Stage 1-5 blessings! The blessing received can be changed using Change Receive button.
  2. The blessing will be applied to guild members with normal rank or higher. New members cannot be blessed.
  3. Only the Guild Master or Guild Members with the right to use Guild Coins can use Receive or Change Blessing.
  4. Blessings can be applied in dungeons.
  5. Received blessings will reset every Wednesday (00:00 PST).