Which Player will Hold the Year End Crown?

Warriors of Elrios, you’ve trained all year round and now it’s time to show off how far you’ve come!
Join the Year End Tourney and be crowned as the strongest in the land!


December 12th – December 18th (23:59 PST)

Tourney Date:

Round 1: December 20th (Tuesday) | 17:00 PST
Round 2 & 3: December 21st (Wednesday) | 17:00 PST
Top 8: December 22nd (Thursday) | 17:00 PST

Watch the Match Here:
Cash prize will be sent via Paypal for winners
Match Setting
  • Single Elimination
  • 1 vs 1
    • Power Mode
    • Time: 400 Seconds
    • Map: 1v1 Random
      • If Blizzard Ruins is selected, we will redo the match
  • Equipment is Enabled
  • El Resonance Disabled
  • Titles Disabled
  • Due to the nature of the game, we will ask all participants to remove Titles before entering the room.
  • Livestream will be held for Quarter Finals (Top 8) @ https://www.twitch.tv/elsword and @ https://www.youtube.com/Elsword
  • All matches will be recorded to prevent any misjudging or suspicious player.
Quarter/Semi Finals:

2 out of 3 wins


3 out of 5 wins

Gear Restrictions
  • Weapon: Apocalypse Type-Void Weapon Only
    • Any enhancement allowed
  • Armor: Duelist Armor only
    • Any enhancement allowed
  • Costumes: All costumes allowed
  • Accessories: Only Nasod Goggles, Magic Necklace, and Ring of Fury allowed (Variants included)
Standard Rule Set
  • Solace Players Only.
  • All Characters and Classes Allowed.
  • All characters must be at least Level 99.
  • Titles are prohibited.
  • All Costumes are Allowed.
  • Equipment and Accessories restricted (See Gear Restrictions above).
  • All Sockets and Attributes are allowed.
  • Artifact accessories are allowed.
  • Use of Hyperactive skills are allowed.
  • Mod Skills are allowed.
  • Ignite Force Passive prohibited.
    • All other Force Passives and Actives are allowed.
  • El Resonance will be Disabled.
  • Wedding Skills are prohibited.
  • No Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  • Character Class and Name Changes can be made on a case-by-case basis until the Brackets get posted.
  • Bracket will consist of 64 players max.
  • First come, first serve registration.
  • Participants are required to provide a Discord Username for entry and check in must be made 15 minutes before the tournament.
  • Participants will be contacted via Discord by GM Raiden (GM Raiden#3598) to join a Discord Server for check-in.