[Maintenance Schedule]
2022-04-12 23:55 ~ 2022-04-13 03:00 AM PDT

★ Added

  • PvP League Reset
  • Character Balance Patch
  • New PvP Map
    • Blizzard Ruins
  • Raid Difficulty Improvement
  • Tirnog Dungeon Improvement
  • UI Improvement

★ Added

  • Class Change Chance Event
    (2022-04-13 00:00 ~ 2022-04-19 23:59)
  • Raid Difficulty Improvement Event
    (2022-04-13 00:00 ~ 2022-04-26 23:59)

★ Ended

  • April Fool’s Day Event
    (2022-04-01 00:00 ~ 2022-04-05 23:59)
  • Elating Attendance Event
    (2022-03-30 00:00 ~ 2022-04-12 23:59)
[Cash Items]

★ Added

  • Highschool Life Costume
    (2022-04-13 00:00 ~ 2022-05-10 23:59)
  • Noah Pink Spring Cherry Blossom Custom Motion
    (2022-04-13 00:00 ~ 2022-06-07 23:59)

★ Ended

  • Pit-a-Pat Romance Costume
    (2022-03-16 00:00 ~ 2022-04-12 23:59)
  • Noah Soft Teddy Custom Motion
    (2022-02-16 00:00 ~ 2022-04-12 23:59)
  • Noah Ignition Caligo 1+1 Ice Burner Package (Buying Limit:10)
    (2022-04-06 00:00 ~ 2022-04-12 23:59)
  • Noah Evil Tracer 2 1+1 Ice Burner Package (Buying Limit:10)
    (2022-04-06 00:00 ~ 2022-04-12 23:59)

 Pruinaum Raid Improvements

  • Pruinaum Raid
    • [Story] Pruinaum Raid Story Mode minimum required party has decreased from 3 > 2.
  • Savage White-Ghost’s Castle
    • Hadron’s Copy’s HP has decreased.
    • Hadron’s HP has decreased.
    • Haivan’s HP has decreased.
    • A message will show when Haivan uses Bomb implant and will become more visible.
    • When all the sealing device is destroyed and the time bomb in the last section is destroyed before Haivan descends, Haivan will descend immediately.
  • Altar of Invocation
    • Berthe’s HP has decreased.
    • Berserk Berthe’s HP has decreased.
    • HP of ice pillars and soul fragments summoned by Berserk Berthe has decreased.
    • When Berserk Berthe dies, the soul barrier will also disappear.
    • Annihilator’s HP has decreased.
    • HP of ice pillars summoned by Annihilator has decreased.
    • The Annihilator’s action preceding the Resenting Soul/Restraining Flame pattern will become more obvious.

 Tirnog Dungeon Improvements

  • Theme Park Entrance
    • Betty, Eris, and Iccus’s Defense has decreased.
  • Tricy House
    • Rook, Bishop, and Betty’s Defensed has decreased.
  • Puppet Theather
    • Puppet, Eris, Iccus, Paper Vegar Trock, amd Paper Anu’s Defense has decreased.
    • Puppet’s spinning attack damage has decreased.
  • Concert Mania
    • Victoria, Eris, Iccus, and Betty’s Defense have decreased.
    • Fixed Erilot receiving the same amount of damage regardless of the spotlight.
    • Erilo and Incolord will now receive damage.
    • Victoria will receive a lot more damage during her guitar solo pattern.
  • Shadow Earl’s Castle
    • Severed Shadow Ran, Ran, Eris, Iccus, Shadow Needler, and Shadow Revenger’s Defense have decreased.

In-game UI Changes

  • In-game UI including Character Info UI will change to display information intuitively.
  • Please check the below list to see which UI will change after the 04/13(14) MA.
    • Character Window
    • El Resonance
    • Ranking
    • Master Artifact
    • Summons
    • Inspect (Explore)

 New PvP Map: ‘Blizzard Ruins’

  • New PvP Map ‘Blizzard Ruins’ is added.

★ Character


  1. Fixed graphic glitch that occurs when the character sits then stands from Space Life Chair in a specific situation.


  1. Fixed Tribute skill’s tribute effect not applying buff duration increase effect to ‘Freed Shadow’ title’s ‘Shadow Aura’ buff.

[Radiant Soul]

  1. Fixed abnormal damage to mid boss that occurs when [Hello, Laby] activates after obtaining One Step Forward skill.

★ Dungeon/PvP/Field

  1. Fixed damage reduction effect not applying to Erilot in Concert Mania.
  2. Fixed Tricky House Dungeon Mister Hat’s Frame Magic Trick pattern not applying space debuff properly.
  3. Fixed monster not being summoned when destroying box from Tricky House while equipping equipment with ‘ Deals continuous damage by n% of damage dealt for 3 sec. ‘ effect.
  4. Fixed floor occasionally being invisible on certain stages in Puppet Theater.
  5. ‘Deals continuous damage by n% of damage dealt for 3 sec.’ effect’s damage is removed when Elysion Tower/Henir’s Time and Space Dungeon Code_Maya, Master Road Dungeon Bosses, and Savage White-Ghost’s Castle’s Hadron change Phase or when Altar of Invocation’s Berthe and Berserk Berthe is howling.
  6. Fixed Tricky House Chess stage sometimes not being able to move on to the next stage in certain situations.

★ Quest

  1. Fixed [Enhancement] Blessed Aura quest being accessible to characters that have yet reached 3rd class.


  1. Fixed the guild name change system message sometimes appearing in different colors.
  2. Fixed Sound setting from Option – Record not applying properly.
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