• NEW EVENT: Open Lockers for Unique Rewards!

    February 23rd, 2021
    Use keys to open one of the Lockers!
    Successfully opening a Locker will yield a Clothing Tag
    which you can use to exchange for rewards.
    Failing to open a Locker will yield an Exchange Ticket which
    you can use to get a different set of rewards!

    Failing to open the correct locker will block off keyholes that have already been used. The only way to get a new set of lockers is tosuccessfully open the correct one!
    You can also leave the choice up to chance by using the
    “Random” button

    Complete these daily and weekly quests to get a bunch of keys!

    *Dungeons do not Include: Ruben/Henir/Add’s Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon/Ereda/Sinister Intent/
    Gate of Darkness/Twisted Time and Space – Farhmann’s Peak/Event Dungeon/Guild Expedition
    *Unused Idol Trainee Locker Room Keys will be deleted on by 03/09/2021 (23:59 PST)

    Successfully open the lockers
    and collect Clothing Tags to
    complete this costume set for Noah!
    The colored costume on the left
    is only available in the Item Mall

    *Group 3 rewards can only be obtained once Group 2 rewards have all been claimed.
    *If left unclaimed, mail rewards will be deleted by 03/09/2021 (23:59 PST)

    You can also get your hand on
    a different version of
    Noah’s Elstar Trainee Set
    from the Item Mall
    – Dance Motion included!

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