Experience more streamlined PVPs with this update!

PVP Stat Changes

Additional Damage
(changes are also applied to dungeons)

Affected by Defense and Critical effects.

No longer affected by attack damage changes.

Affect Skill Damage differently for Dungeon/PVP.

Affect Combat
Power more.

★ Attack Power difference by enhancement level will be less for PVP.

PVP Reward Changes

★ More items purchasable with AP have been added!

★ Prices for certain items have been changed. See below:

ITEM Before After
Magic Stone 150 50
Advanced Magic Stone 450 100
Refined Magic Stone (New) 500
El Shard (Mystery) 500 200
Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (6%) 400 1000
Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (7%) 1300 2500
Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (8%) 4000 7500
Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (10%) (New) 25000
Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (6%) 400 1000
Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (7%) 1300 2500
Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (8%) 4000 7500
Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (10%) (New) 25000
Sparring Enhancement Fragment 100 10

Socket Effects from Attack Speed, Special Additional Damage Magic Stone will also apply to dungeons.

Sparring Magic Stone, Sparring Magic Stone, Special Sparring Magic Stone will be removed from the shop.

★ The Arena can only be entered by characters level 75 or higher.

★ Official Arena Quest requirements will now be for characters level 75 or higher.

★ The Official Arena Ap Rewards have been changed to the below:

Daily Quest 300AP 1000AP
Weekly Quest (by Rank)
100 / 200 / 400 / 800 /
1600 / 3200 / 6400 /12800
(by Rank)
1200 / 1600 / 2000 / 2400 /
2800 / 3200 / 4800 / 7200

★ The difference of AP rewards between ranks when playing official Arena has been reduced.

★ Gain more EXP during official Arena (you can receive more AP for the first 10 matches per day).

★ Sparring equipment will no longer have set effects but the stats will be more enhanced.

★ See below for the required number of Sparring Enhancement Fragment for upgrading Sparring Equipment:

Enchance Level BEFORE AFTER
+7 → +8 800 200
+8 → +9 6,400 2,000
+9 → +10 51,200 20,000

(Upgrading armor will require half the number of Sparring Equipment Fragments)

RP (Rank Point System Change)

EPIC NPCS ★ Characters with certain RPs or higher will not win any RP even after winning against Epic NPCs.
★ Players will not lose any RP after losing against Epic NPCs.
PRELIMINARY MATCH ★ Characters without RP must play 5 preliminary matches to receive RP and rank.
★ Characters with their RP reset after the previous PVP season is over must play 1 preliminary match.
★ Players can only play 1vs1 for preliminary matches.
(All charcters will have their RP reset after the 2019/03/06 maintenance)
★ Characters that didn’t play a single match during the last PVP Season will have their RP completely reset and will start from preliminary matches.
★ Characters that played at least 1 match in the previous season will only get their RPs reduced.
RANKS BASED ON RP ★ See RP requirements per rank below:

★ To advance to the next rank, players must reach minimum required RP.
★ Players will be demoted to a lower rank if they reach Demote RP or lower.
★ Players must be top 20% among SSS ranks to be a Star Rank. (Same as before)

Official PvP Rule Change

ARENA MODE ★ Only 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 will be selected for the Official Arena.
★ 1v1 (Best of 3), 2v2 (Winner’s Match), and Item Mode will be excluded from the Official Arena
AVAILABLE MAP SELECTION BY MODE ★ Check below for the available map selections (players can ban 2 1v1 and 1 Team Match maps):
1vs1 Team Match
Tree of El – Top X O
Tree of El - Bottome O O
Banthus Room O O
Wally’s Castle Centre O O
Wally’s Castle Rooftop O X
Bethma Lake X O
Cargo Airship O O
Elrios Bay X O
Durahan Coliseum O X
Tyrant’s Arena X X
Hope Bridge X O
Wintery Velder O X
Garpai Sandstorm O X
Sander Oasis X X
Lanox Lava X X
Judge’s Heart X O
Elrianode City X O
Labyrinth of Ruin X X
8 Total 11 Total
★ The same characters/job will not be able to make a pre-made party to play on the Official 2v2 Arena.
★ Cannot play 3vs3 with a pre-made party.
PVP RELATED UI CHANGES ★ Players will be able to find their current RP on the official Arena Matching UI

★ Character info at the top of the PVP info window will be removed.

★ A message will popup Congratulating players for advancing to the next rank in the official Arena.