Now’s the time to flaunt how powerful your pet can be!

With the NEW Pet PVP Update, your and other players’ pets can finally duel!


Click the bottom Pet Related UI > Pet PVP tab.
You can also set a hotkey on the keyboard to enter!


  • Players must be Level 99 to enter.
  • 3 Adult stage pets are needed to enter.
  • Pets on Pet Expedition, placed in the El House, temporary pets, and VIP Pets cannot are not allowed to enter.
  • Players won’t be able to move, talk to NPC, or use other UI menus other than the Pet PvP UI while it is open.


Pet PVP can be played through random matching or by inviting your friends for a match!

Preparation Before Playing

Place 3 adult stage pets that you own in the pet slot.

Pets have different types of advantages depending on their traits


Pet Trait Details
Feral Deal more damage to pets with Tenacity trait.
Deal less damage to pets with Wisdom trait.
Tenacity Deal more damage to pets with Wisdom trait.
Deal less damage to pets with Feral trait.
Wisdom Deal more damage to pets with Feral trait.
Deal less damage to pets with Tenacity trait.

Select the Growth Effect on the pets you’ve chosen


Growth Point Effect

The higher the growth point, the more likely the effect will proc (max 40%).

You can select 1 growth effect per pet

Growth Effect Details
Random Randomly chosen between Cheer/Patience/Mastery/Focus.
Cheer More likely to act first.
Patience More likely to recover more HP when recovering.
Mastery More likely to deliver critical attack.
Focus More likely to dodge enemy’s attack.

Start Dueling

There’s a time limit to each round.

Select 3 actions in order in the action slot.
You have 15 seconds to select your actions.

Once the round begins, your pet will
act in order of the actions you set in the slots.

Here’s what your actions do:

Action Details
Attack Attack the opponent’s pet to deal damage.
Defend Block opponent pet’s attack. You can use it 3 times per match. However, if the pet could not use defense because of K.O., it will not count.
Power Up Increase damage for the next turn’s attack. The effect lasts 2 turns and does not stack. If you switch your pet that’s Powered Up with another pet, the effect will disappear. Power Up action duration will show as a buff on the top UI. Once you use an Attack action the buff will end.
Recover Recover HP. Can only be used 1 time per round.
Switch Use 1 turn in the round to switch with another pet in the party. Click Switch action to switch pets. Once they switch, the switched pet will carry out the set action. Upon switching, the opponent will start the turn for that round.

Knock out all your opponents’ pets to win!


Receive your reward by clearing the daily quest!
Per account

Win Pet PvP once (can be cleared through random matching) to get:

Mark of Honorary Trainer

*The quest will reset every day at 00:00 PDT

Check Out All the Pets Coming Back to the Item Mall!


06/08/2022 – 07/05/2022 (23:59 PDT)

Let your pets get into the heat of the battle and get rewards!

During the event period, click on this icon to receive rewards once you’ve completed the daily quest!

The receive button will be active until you claim your rewards.
Once the event period is over, you can no longer receive any rewards you haven’t claimed, so check every day!


Win Pet PvP once or participate in Pet PvP twice!

But remember, the daily quest can only be completed through random matching.
Doing an invite match will not count!

Level 99; per account

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
[Luriel] El Tree Seed x10 [Luriel] Advanced Digestive Medicine x5 [Luriel] Strange El Tree Seed x10 [[Luriel] Advanced Gem of Skill x3 [Luriel] Advanced Digestive Medicine x5 [Luriel] El Tree Seed x10 [Luriel] Strange El Tree Seed x10
Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14
[Luriel] Advanced Gem of Skill x3

Cobo] Pet Select Cube x1
(hover to view)
[Luriel] Sage’s Magic Stone x10 [Cobo] Spectral Amethyst Cube (100) x1 [Luriel] Sage’s Magic Stone x10 [Luriel] Advanced Digestive Medicine x3 [Luriel] El Tree Seed x5

*If unclaimed or unused [Cobo] Spectral Amethyst Cube (100) and [Cobo] Pet Select Cube will be deleted on 07/05/2022 PDT

*The rewards are based on the number of accumulated days you’ve cleared the daily quest.
ex) If you clear the daily quest for the first time on the last day of the event period, you will only be able to receive Day 1 rewards.