Get ready to explore a new region!

Let’s find out what awaits the El Search Party in this new area!

Clear the epic quest: To a New Region > Entering Monaterra to gain access to the Monaterra region.
An item used to modify armor.
Can be obtained directly as a drop from Monaterra dungeons.
Can also craft the Harconium Tuning Reactor using Harconium Steel.

* Harconium Steel can be obtained by dismantling Harconium Tuning Reactor Items
* Harconium Tuning Reactor items can be obtained from Palace of Gold Medovine, Hunter’s Hideout, and Torta Arena dungeons.

Make Tenebrous Armor even stronger by imbuing modification effects through
Harconium Tuning Reactor’s additional effects!
Modification effect is activated when equipping 4 kinds of Tenebrous Armor with modification effect open.

(Even if they are not identical effects, as long as 4 Tenebrous Armor that have their modification effects open are equipped, the modification effect will be activated.)

08/30/2023 – 09/12/2023 (23:59 PDT)
Onwards to Monaterra and rewards will follow! Complete the chain quest and haul your bounty!
Level 99 and up; per account

Condition: Clear dungeons within your level range 3 times.
*You can only clear 1 quest per day
08/30/2023 (00:00 – 23:59 PDT)
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08/30/2023 – 09/12/2023 (23:59 PDT)
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Level 99 and up; per account

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