Gather around dynamic duos and seize the chance for glory and gold once more!
Forge your alliance and seize the chance for eminence!
January 25th – February 4th (23:59 PST)
February 9th (Friday) | 17:00 PST
February 10th (Saturday) | 17:00 PST

Match Setting

  • Single Elimination.
  • 2 v 2
    • Power Mode
    • Time: 420 Seconds
    • Map: 2v2 Random Team
      • Players may utilize Map Bans via the Map Settings function.
      • If Blizzard Ruins is selected, we will redo the match.
  • Equipment is Enabled.
  • El Resonance Enabled.
  • Titles are allowed.
  • Live stream will be held for all matches @
  • All matches will be recorded to prevent any misjudging or suspicious player.

Pre-Top 8 Match: Best of 1
Quarter/Semi Finals: 2 out of 3 wins
Finals: 3 out of 5 wins


  • Solace Players Only.
  • All Characters and Classes allowed.
  • No duplicate characters allowed.
  • All Characters must be at least Level 99.
  • Titles are allowed.
  • All Costumes are allowed.
  • All Equipment and Accessories allowed.
  • All Accessories are allowed.
  • All Sockets and Attributes are allowed.
  • Artifact Accessories are allowed.
  • Use of Hyperactive skills are allowed.
  • Mod Skills are allowed.
  • Ignite Force Passive prohibited.
    • All other Force Passives and Actives are allowed.
  • El Resonance will be enabled.
  • Wedding Skills are prohibited.
  • No Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  • Character Class and Name Changes can be made on a case-by-case basis until the Brackets get posted.
  • Bracket will consist of 64 players max.
  • First come, first serve registration.
  • Inappropriate Team Names will not be accepted.
  • Participants are required to provide a Discord Username for entry and check in must be made 15 minutes before the tournament.
  • Participants will be contacted via Discord by GM Raiden (gmraiden) to join a Discord Server for check-in.