With the revamp, the Secret Dungeons will now become solo dungeons and can be entered when the character reaches Lvl 99 and up!

The number of stages have decreased.
Stages are now separated by Combat Power.

Secret Dungeon entries no longer require tickets. Instead, players are given 5 FREE entries per week!

The following quests can no longer be accepted nor completed:

Secret Dungeon entry permits
Secret Dungeon Cubes
Random Missions
Luto Mode

Any remaining entry permits can be exchanged through Ariel for the following items:

The following have been removed/can no longer be obtained from Secret Dungeons:
Using the Brilliant Secret Cube can give you 1 of the following items at random:
*Can be obtained randomly from the Brilliant Secret Cube.
*Players can view the title through Title › Character › Special tab.

Complete the conditions of these weekly quests to get your hands on rewards!
Level 99 & up; per account

[Cobo] Potion Set
5 Kinds x1
(Click to view content)
[Cobo] Seeker of Secrets
(7 Days) x1
[Cobo] Secret Dungeon Accessory
(7 Days) 2 Kinds Select Cube x1
(Click to view content)
[Cobo] Elixir Select Cube x3
(Click to view content)
[Luriel] Fighter
Potion x50
*If left unused or unclaimed, cubes will be deleted on 12/19/2023 (23:59 PST)