Hello Adventurers,
Cobo Service is celebrating this summer with a Popcorn Party!
To participate, follow the instructions below.
Click the icon found at the top of your screen to bring up the Popcorn Party UI.
You need Dormant Ice Burners to begin.
When you have enough, click the Start button of your chosen tier to start poppin’!
Remember! You must have 3 empty spaces in Special tab in your inventory to start!
Ariel will pop the Dormant Ice Burners for a chance to get more Ice Burners (Elpheus)!
*Unused Dormant Ice Burners will be exchanged to Ice Burners (Elpheus) after the event period ends.
To start the party, Cobo Service is providing everyone with
1 [Cobo] Dormant Ice Burner.
If you missed your chance last 08/09 - 08/15 (23:59 PDT)