For those players who missed our last league update, or for those who just want a reminder,
Here are some important rules and information of our League system.
Manually distributed based on League Rankings every 8 weeks
NA RANK INT RANK League Reward
1 1 18,000
2 2 14,000
3 3 9,000
4 - 10 4 - 10 2,700
11 - 100 11 – 60 900
  • A League is a set period of every two months (8 weeks) in which PVP competitors are ranked.
  • When a league has ended, a reward is given to top ranking PVP participants.
  • The Arena PVP Start UI will display how far along you are in achieving the next rank up.
  • There will be a new balance revamp with the start of each League Season
*An account may only receive one reward. If the player qualifies for more than one reward, they will only be given the reward for their highest PVP League ranked character.
*There may be additional balance patches during the League season.
For this season, the following changes has been made to affect all characters:
Common Transcendence Skill Slot Skill Cooldown Time Decrease Chance 25% -> 100%
If Awakening is maintained, it will be activated every 20 sec
If Awakening is removed, reactivating time will be initiated. (Except Configuration Mode)

Cooldown Time 100% Decrease -> 14 secs Decrease

Cooldown Time 100% Decrease -> 7secs Decrease
Rising Strike Does not knock down enemies
Check the Character Balance Page to see all the changes made to each characters!