Elsword Online takes place in the world of Elrios, where the land was once rumored to be forsaken by the gods themselves. Some even whispered that it was the playground of the demon gods. A few decades have passed and Elrios is now protected by the powers from the Tree of El. However, peace and prosperity can only last for so long when evil still exists. Recently, the Tree of El’s powers began to weaken and the super continent, Elrios, will never be the same again.
The story unfolds as three young heroes seek out to discover the mysterious evil that is causing the Tree of El’s powers to weaken. Elsword, young and ambitious, joins the kingdom’s El Search Party to follow his older sister’s footsteps. Aisha, naïve and mischievous, sets off to find the villain who transferred her powers through an ancient ring. Rena, a wise spirit, feels the El’s resonance from the Tree of Light and is chosen by the Elders to find it. Destiny has set these three heroes to tread the same path for this important mission.
Further in their adventures, the Party grows with new members, each bringing in unique skills and more meaning to their common purpose.

Chapter 1 – Banthus, the El Thief

One day, Banthus and his thieves stole the El shards from the Ruben village and ran away. Elsword and his El Search Party tried to chase them to take the El back. Hagus, the village chief of Ruben told them that Banthus and the thieves might have gone to Elder village.

Chapter 2 – The Chase! Banthus!

Chief Hagus has suggested that Elsword and his party seek Hoffman from Elder Village. Both Hoffman and Lenphad have informed the El Search Party that Banthus is hiding out in a cave. They started to chase Banthus again but failed to catch him. On the way, they found a letter written by Lord Wally of Elder. The letter states that Wally commanded Banthus to steal the El. This leaves our heroes no choice but to turn to Luichel, the former thief, for help to get into Wally’s Kingdom.

Chapter 3 – The Secret of Wally’s Castle

Elsword and the gang finally obtained the key to Wally’s Castle from the soldier in the suburbs of Elder. The castle was mainly used to manufacture Nasods using the stolen El and taxes paid by innocent villagers. Our heroes destroy Wally No. 8 but Wally flees with the rest of the El Shards.

Chapter 4 – Wally’s Whereabouts

Hoffman told Elsword and his Party that Wally ran to Bethma Village. Soon after, they all went to Bethma to ask Stella, the sheriff of the town, to look for Wally. Stella gathered information from the townspeople and found out that Wally MK2 was hiding in the mining area of Bethma. The El adventurers traced his footsteps there and defeated him once again. Wally had been secretly trying to produce more powerful Nasods through the special minerals from the mining areas in Bethma. Originally, those minerals were utilized to build the giant cargo airship, but Wally had evil and selfish intentions. When our heroes encountered and destroyed Wally No. 9, they found more clues to tracking down Wally. However, during their battle, someone secretly stole the El and destroyed the air ship.

Chapter 5 – The Uprising Problem of Bethma

The Lizardmen who were once friendly to the villagers of Bethma, suddenly turned hostile and started to attack them. Elsword and the gang sought the alchemist named Chacha Buch in town. From Chacha Buch, the Party received hypnotizing potions to capture and dispel the Lizardmen and Berauk. Kayak the Shaman possessed the Lizardmen, but when he was defeated, the Lizardmen went back to normal and started to regain the people’s trust again.

Chapter 6 – The Floating Island, Altera

Elsword and the gang ended up crashing in Altera Village. They soon begin to realize that it was the Black Crow battleship that attacked Wally’s Airship. Adel has helped the Party arrange a surprise attack on Raven. Raven was defeated by the Party, and he realized that he was making a mistake all along. He then decided to join forces with his opponents. Raven decided to help the team find the El, so he led the Party to Altera Core to get the stolen El back from King Nasod.

Chapter 7 – Total War!

The El Search Party reached the Nasod Foundry, located at the base of Altera Island. They have successfully destroyed the production line to stop the assembly of Nasods, and came face to face with Raven’s clone—Crow Rider. Crow Rider was guarding the elevator that connects to Altera core but was defeated by Elsword and his gang. They finally defeated King Nasod and returned the El to Ruben Village. The rest of the Party then left to start their journey through the continent all over again.

Chapter 8 – Bad Omens

A messenger from Feita has notified Stella in Bethma Village that there was an invasion by an Evil Force. Elsword and the gang decided to go there to see what all the fuss is about. Feita has a shrine for the El, but the demons have begun destroying the gate. Elsword and his Party need to save the El in the shrine before the demons get to it!

Chapter 9 – Invaders from the Other World

When Elsword and his Party entered the Chapel in the center of Feita, they realized a Dark El was contaminating the area. The secretary of Feita named Allegro, has warned the Party that the Evil Force is to blame for the corruption of the Dark El. The Party broke into the Altar to defeat the Evil Forces that were protecting the Dark El and closed the gate off, so that Feita can finally be in peace again.

Chapter 10 – Velder is in Danger

Velder, the Capital City, has fallen under the Demon Forces who have been hiding the stolen El Shards. Residents have set up a station on the outskirts of Velder so that they can have better access to the Kingdom. They planned to attack from the residential areas first.

Chapter 11 – Kingdom in Captivity

When Elsword and his Party reached the Kingdom, it was already burning, and the Evil Forces and the Dark Elves were to blame. After numerous fights, they finally retrieved the Evil Force plans and decided to enter through the Southern Gate, seeing there were only a few guards there. Soon after, the Party arrived at the Southern Gate and realized that it was a trick and found all the guards waiting for them there. The guards were almost all defeated until Chloe summoned the Dark Nephilim. They used magic and previously learned skills to destroy the Dark Nephilim and escaped the Southern Gate. The Centurion of Velder named Vanessa asked the El Search Party to deliver a rescue letter all the way across the sea to the other side of the continent.

Chapter 12 – Hamel Fell in Darkness

Elsword and the gang deliver Vanessa’s rescue letter to Penensio, the chief of the Red Knights in Hamel of the Senace Kingdom. They help the Red Knights drive the demons away, and while most of the Red Knights retreat, Penensio and his loyal comrades stay behind. Penensio and the El Search Party sense an ominous force emanating from the demons around Hamel, and so they begin their investigation.

Chapter 13 – Secrets of the Temple

While on the road to the Temple of Frozen Water, the El Search Party hears the news that Chung’s father had turned evil, and that Duke Rod Ross, together with the Dark Earl Ran, plans to steal the Water Seal to create the kind of great power never before seen in the continent. The army of Red Knights gets weaker as several of their members switch over to the demons’ side. Elsword and the rest of the El explorers rescue the Water Princess from the evil Ran and save Hamel from ruin, once and for all.

Chapter 14 – The Secret Truth

The El Search Party journeys on to Sander, a prosperous city in the desert. On their arrival in the village, they find the residents struggling to fend off a massive invasion by the Trocks. Elsword and his friends proceed at once to Barren Sander, where they witness the visiting Wind Priestess being kidnapped. The gang must help rescue her, or Sander risks tarnishing relations with the Caluso Tribe.

CHAPTER 15 – The Predicted Misunderstanding

Investigations on the whereabouts of the kidnapped Wind Priestess continue. First, the El Search Party enters Trock’s Lair, where they must challenge the possessed Chieftain Trockta, and then sets out for the Caluso Tribal Village to confront the Great Battle Chief Karu. Not only do the adventurers’ findings help them locate the Wind Priestess, but also hint at her captor’s ultimate plan of reviving an ancient, destructive being feared by all.

CHAPTER 16 – Soul of the Wind

The El Search Party learns about the legend of Behemoth, and how the kidnapper has used the Wind Priestess to revive the massive creature. Sander village chief Emirate and the alchemist Vapor send our heroes on to the Sandtilus, the Caluso Tribe’s wind-powered ship, to chase and stop Behemoth from destroying the city. They had not expected to find Karis at the heart of this evil plan.

CHAPTER 17 – Scorched Harbingers of Darkness

Elsword and the gang may have survived the desert, but can they take the heat of a volcanic territory? Our heroes travel onward to Lanox, an enraged land where a forest fire appears inextinguishable. In between encounters with furious divine creatures, they meet Lanox’s young village chief Edel, the mysterious alchemist Pesop, and the fire priestess Ignia. They learn from Ignia that the Sun and Moon Priestesses have gone missing, and the explorers are sent off to the Ash Covered Village to investigate.

CHAPTER 18 – An Exposed Dark Secret

Venturing farther into the mysterious land of Lanox, it seems the Elgang has barely scratched the surface. They are faced with crucial tasks of cleansing the Phantasmal Geyser of a dangerous substance, and helping the blacksmith Steel save her father from a fatal spell. And yet the biggest mysteries of this land are just about to unravel, along with their discovery of an incredible betrayal.

CHAPTER 19 – A Broken World

With the Fire and Earth Priestesses missing, Elsword and the gang encounter the holy beast Ifritan. They found out he had been controlled by the demons. Later recovering with the help of the Fire El, Ifritan tells them to stop the demons from pushing through with their forbidden plan. Can they stop Demon General Scar from summoning the Demon God?

CHAPTER 20 – Meeting the Demon God

Luckily, Elsword and the gang have been successful in keeping the Demon God from destroying all of Elrios, for now. All gathered in Lanox and safe from harm, the Priestesses agree that in order to save Elrios, they must fulfill the prophecy by finding the El Lady. They all must travel to the Distant Ruins and follow the pillar of light leading to another dimension.

CHAPTER 21 – The Other Dimensional World

Elsword and the gang enter the portal at the far end of Distant Ruins. Right away, they are transported to the Atlas Station, where supplies of diceon ores, which both store and amplify El energy, are managed. They meet the station director, Yuno, and his servant, Nono. They are both Nasod whose technology is more advanced than Eve. Before the Elgang could get answers on the whereabouts of the El Lady, Yuno and Nono are alerted of anomalies at the Diceon Mines. Science Dekal has been stealing supplies to help out the very same person who may lead them to the El Lady—Solace.

CHAPTER 22 – The Elysion Journey to Solace

Together with Yuno, Elsword and the gang try to uncover Solace’s plan. With Science Dekal gone and Atlas City alerted of the missing diceon, the Elgang are mistaken for thieves. Soon after, they track it on its way to the Elysion Tower. To get in, they steal the A-grade core found in the city’s toughest Nasod security unit, Surveillan. Yet they find an even tougher Nasod inside the tower. Maya, the protector of Atlas City, is furious that intruders made it all the way to the tower. The path may be clear on the way to Elysion now, but not without an unfortunate sacrifice.


The Elgang has finally arrived in Elysion in their search for Solace and the El Lady. Eve helped Elsword and the rest of the adventurers in disguising themselves as Atlas troops, just as Solace’s message reaches them in a fiery form. As they enter Elysion, Bernard tells them the access to Adrian’s Palace had been blocked. While communication with Adrian stopped, the Nasods lost control of the chaos around the city. With Durenda’s help, Elsword and the gang rescue Nasod workers outside the city and find out how to locate Solace’s Fortress.



To arrive at Solace’s Fortress, the El Search Party must enter Adrian’s Palace and find the way through Herbaon and Adrian. With Hugo’s help, they are able to destroy the barrier surrounding the palace. Once inside Adrian’s Palace, Elsword and the gang deal with Herbaon’s PooPangs and solve her puzzles through Hugo’s code expertise. They reach Adrian safely, but Herbaon, who is protecting Adrian, mistakes them for intruders. After battling Herbaon and clearing up the misunderstanding, they awaken Adrian, who tells them everything that has happened to Solace.


Elsword and the gang finally manage to infiltrate Solace’s Fortress and secure its entrance with Adrian and Herbaon’s help. However, they still have no clue what Solace is planning with the El Lady. Meanwhile, Elesis’ headache spells continue to get worse and the voices calling out to Elsword gets clearer as they get closer to Solace. What discovery awaits the El Search Party?


Elsword is transported to Solace’s distant past and the truth slowly unfolds before our hero’s eyes. The tragic series of events eventually leads back to our hero, Elsword. What choice will Elsword make for the people of Elrios? Continue the journey to find out!