You may choose 1 SNS platform to post your submissions!

Create beautiful fireworks using your skills! You can either team up or do IT yourself!


  • Take a screenshot of fireworks by using your skills in the game.
  • Post the screenshot on your preferred SNS with the hashtag
    #Elsword #HappyIndependenceDay
  • Your post must be open to the public.
  • You must indicate your server and IGN on the post.
  • We will choose the best 10 screenshots as the winners of the event.
  • Players found entering on multiple characters/accounts will be disqualified.


1,000 K-Ching

per player for the top 10 image

Show off your best summer outfit and get a chance to win K-Ching!


  • Choose your best summer-themed outfit!
  • Choose your background from any of these places:
  • Strike a pose and take a screenshot!
  • Post it on your preferred SNS with the hashtag #Elsword #Summer

50 winners of

500 K-Ching each

Where o where could GM Raiden be? Find him for K-Ching!


  • GM Raiden will be hiding in-game in one of the towns and it’s your job to find him and take a screenie!
  • You need to be close to GM Raiden when taking screenshot.
  • Post the screenshot with the hashtag #Elsword #HideandSeek on your preferred SNS.
  • In-game announcements will be used to alert players that GM Raiden is currently hiding somewhere in the game for each server.
  • Your SNS post must be open to public and you must include your server and IGN.

20 winners per day

500 K-Ching each


July 1st – July 17th (23:59 PDT)


Round 1: July 20th (Wednesday) | 17:00 PDT

Top 8: July 21st (Thursday), 17:00 PDT (Livestream)

Watch the Match Here:


The Demon Duo is Ready to Reclaim Power!

What are the Tournament Rules?

Match Setting

  • Single Elimination
  • 1 vs 1
    • ‐ 400 Seconds
    • ‐ Map: 1v1 Random
  • Equipment is Enabled
  • Resonance Enabled
  • Titles Disabled
  • Due to the nature of the game, we will ask all participants to remove Titles before entering the room.
  • Livestream will be held from Quarter Final. All other matches before Quarter Final will be judged by our Volunteers.
  • All matches will be recorded to prevent any misjudging or suspicious player.

Quarter Final: 2 out of 3 wins
Finals: 3 out of 5 wins

Standard Rule Set

  • Luciel Characters Only.
  • Solace Players Only.
  • All characters must be Level 99.
  • All Titles are prohibited.
  • All Accessories are allowed.
  • All Costumes are allowed.
  • All Equipment is allowed.
  • All Sockets and Attributes are allowed.
  • Artifact accessories are allowed.
  • Use of Hyperactive skills are allowed.
  • Mod Skills are allowed.
  • Force Skills (Actives and Passives) are allowed.
  • El Resonance will be Enabled.
  • Wedding Skills are prohibited.
  • No Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  • Character, Character Class and Name Changes can be made on a case-by-case basis until the Brackets get posted.
  • First come, first serve registration.
  • Participants are required to provide a Discord Username for entry and check in must be made 15 minutes before the tournament.
  • Participants will be contacted via Discord by GM Raiden (GM Raiden#3598) to join a Group Chat.

Rules & Communication

  • Collusion, Match fixing, and intentional Delay of Game will result in immediate DQ and both team members being barred from future tournaments.
  • All registered players (Inc. Reserves) must be ready and available for each respective round of this tournament. No-Shows (w/o Comm) will result in being barred from any future tournaments.
  • Players may not enter on multiple characters or accounts.
  • If players are caught account sharing, they will be disqualified.
  • Players are responsible for preparing all equipment and skills before entering the room.
  • Players have a 5-minute grace period to enter any match once summoned by an official. Players who do not show up will be disqualified.
  • Arguing with an Official’s (GM / ELS members) call is grounds for immediate disqualification.
  • Players are responsible for any form of lag calls to maintain competitive integrity. If there are any issues with lag, players should press F1 to drop a Guild Flag so we may assess the situation.
  • The Terms of Use Agreement and Code of Conduct must always be observed and followed.
  • Exploitation of game mechanics is grounds for immediate disqualification and immediate account action (up to and including permanent account closure). · Each player is responsible for maintaining communication and coordination with match officials (GM / ELS members).
  • Registration/Participation is strictly permitted to 1 entry per player.
  • Calls made with regards to any technical difficulties, latency or interference of any kind will be left up to the sole discretion of the designated GM/Officiating.
  • Registered players must have their game account in good standing to qualify for tournament entry. We will not accept players who have been banned in-game into the tournament.
  • Players who are disqualified or do not show up for their matches may be banned from future tournaments at KoG’s Discretion.
    • Players who are disqualified will also not receive any prizes they may qualify for.