Step into the limelight and make your character a star!

On May 4th

6th Anniversary El’lywood Costume Cube!

For one of your characters level 10 and up
This is a one-time giveaway per account so choose your star carefully!

If you miss the date, you can still receive

6th Anniversary El’lywood Costume Cube (15 Days)
By logging in for 10 minutes during the event
For all your characters!

The 6th Anniversary El’lywood Costume Package
will be at the Item Mall for 1,200 K-Ching!

Put your character on stage for a special shoot in their beautiful formal wear! Receive

6th Anniversary El'lywood Red Carpet Custom Sit Cube
Now everyone can be in the spot light!

If you want your characters to be in a flashier lime light,
You can turn your El’lywood Sit Motions into a fancier version by crafting them through Ariel!

El’lywood Custom Upgrade Kit
350 K-Ching

*You need 2 custom Upgrade Kit for Luciel

There are many more events to celebrate our 6th Anniversary