Watch our favorite archer girl’s awesome tribute trailer that highlights
her achievements and milestones through the years!
Timeline for character releases:

Rena Class Demographics
From the traditional archer to the hybrid classes,
which Rena is YOUR favorite?

Wanting to become more efficient in close-combat, Rena turns towards learning martial arts. Through her practice, she is able to imbue her legs with the mana she gathers from Nature which increases the power and speed needed to become a Wind Sneaker.

Looking to improve upon her already impressive archery skills, Rena starts by asking Lenphad to create a new bow for her in order to carry out new attacks and fire faster and quicker arrows. Her new skills and her relationship with Nature allows her to draw in more mana in order to cast the skills that are only learned by Grand Archers.

During her travels, Rena comes across a group of elf assassins called the Night Savers. This group bestow upon her the Blade of Erendil and also gifted her the ability to use forces of nature to set traps for her enemies, allowing her to become the Night Watcher.

"A most dark and vicious spirit...
The surrounding greens are being
polluted! This cannot be permitted!"

"We elves revere
life above all."
"Humans need to
know the power
of nature."
"I feel queasy.
There's not even a hint
of nature in this place."
"My, that was hard.
Am I showing my
age? Not just yet,
I should think!"
"Whew… Because of the heatproof
clothes I was able to get to this
volcanic area... However, it's too
tight. My chest is uncomfortable."

Job Class Age Height Weight Blood Type
Rena Unknown 170 cm
Light as a feather!

Trapping Ranger
Combat Ranger
Sniping Ranger
Night Watcher
Wind Sneaker
Grand Archer


We know the apple to be the quintessential favorite of archers to target but let’s be creative and think
outside the box! What do you think Rena would like to use for target practice? Instead of a red apple
what about a green one? Or some grapes? A shoe? Let your imagination run wild!
10 lucky winners will receive
500 K-Ching, a Rena Metal Pin*,
a Notebook*, and a Pencil Case*!

*Physical prizes will only be available to players from NA.
The equivalent in K-Ching will be given instead.

Green is everywhere! Take it all in! Bring Rena to all the green places and have her wear her best green
outfit while dishing out her strongest green skills. Then take the best and greenest screenshot!

1 lucky winner will get 500 K-Ching!


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