Start the gift giving and friendship making here!
Level 10 up; per account

Start earning friendship points by giving Heartfelt Gift
to your fellow El Search Party members!

How to Get Heartfelt Gifts

Complete quests so you can get Heartfelt Gifts to give!

DAILY Login for 15 accumulative

[Cobo] Heartfelt Gift x1
Clear dungeons within your level range 3 times
[Cobo] Heartfelt Gift x2
WEEKLY Clear dungeons within your level range 10 times
[Cobo] Heartfelt Gift x9


Normal Gift Reward
Receive this item just
by increasing friendship points!
[Cobo] Heart Heart Cookie x20
Friendship Special Reward
You can get this item when an El Search Party member’s Friendship reaches Stage 3!
[Cobo] El Search Party’s Return Gift x1


You can get accumulative rewards based on based on how many times you’ve given gifts!

Friendship Accumulative Points Reward
9 times
[Cobo] Reset Ticket Select Cube x1
18 times
[Cobo] Spectral Amethyst or Tenebrous Aura Select Cube x1
27 times
[Luriel] Heart Heart Diorama x1
36 times
[Luriel] Sage’s Magic Stone x30
45 times
[Cobo] Heart Heart Accessory Cube x1