Calling all Chungs get ready for the best Fashion Event!

Win K-Ching and be dubbed the
most fashionable Chungs in all of  Elrios!

Elrios Fashion Show:

Best 10 submissions each from NA and INT servers will be chosen and invited to our Elrios Fashion Show Livestream!
You can watch it on or . However, voting will be done via Twitch only.

Entry Requirements:

● Chung characters only
● Image Size Requirement: 2 Mb or less
● The Image taken must clearly show your Character and their outfit – Any Obstruction of your Character (from Skill Effects, Environment, etc.) can lead to the entry being removed.
● Images must not be edited

○ Cropping is not considered an edit

● Screenshot Mode must be activated (Use the DEL key by Default)
● Image Resolution: 500 px x 500 px
● Comments are allowed and you’ll be admitted up to 150 Characters for your comments.

○ Any Comments deemed inappropriate will be removed. Comments should not include any of the following topics:

■ Profanity
■ Discussion of Tickets/Banned Members
■ Racial/Ethnic/Religious Slurs and Obscene/Violent/Sexual/Alcoholic/Drug References
■ Harassing, Defaming or Denigrate Other Players
■ Any Comments that promote breaking the Elsword Terms of Use

Other Notes:

● You must have a KOG Games account to participate in this event.
● Event is limited to the NA and INT servers.
● All entries must abide by the Elsword Terms of Use, any entry (Image or Photo Comment) found to be in violation is subject to disqualification.
● Players who will be part of the Elrios Fashion Show will be announced on 02/21/2023.