Login once for 10 cumulative minutes to get this special reward!
Level 1 and up; per character
Bake cakes using the ingredients you get from rewards and strengthen your bond
with the rest of the El Search Party!

Complete the daily and weekly quests to get ingredients for the cake!
Level 1 and up; per account

Completed cakes can be gifted to the El Search Party by clicking on this icon located at the top of your screen

Choose a character to give a cake to. You can only gift a character once.

Get this reward every time you gift a completed cake to any El Search Party member:

[Cobo] Heart Cookie

Once you’ve reached a certain number of characters gifted, you can get additional rewards:

*If left unused or unclaimed, cubes, cake ingredients, [Cobo] Heart Cookie, and [Cobo] Damage Customization (Charming) will be deleted on 03/12/2024 (23:59 PDT).