Spiritualism (Awakening)
  • Once Ain activates Awakening, his appearance and movements will change. He will also activate buffs depending on the phase of the Awakening.
  • Reawakening is possible when Ain is already in Awakening. The Awakening timer will increase and the buff timers will reset.
  • Ain only has one Awakening Orb.

Phase 1
• Character will levitate
• Damage will increase

Phase 2
• Ain will have a crown
• Additional increase in damage
• All speeds will increase

Phase 3
• Ain will get wings
• More increase in damage
• Critical and Maximization will increase
Power (Disparate Force)
  • Ain fill up his Power Gauge by attacking and being attacked. When the gauge is full, his special system, Power will activate.
  • Authority has two modes: El's Power: Cycle Magic and Power of God: Creation Magic.
  • His two Power modes can be switched by pressing the [V] key. The default mode is El's Power: Circulating Magic.
  • [V] key will only be activated when the gauge is full.
  • If the gauge is consumed, Power will no longer be active.

El's Power: Cycle Magic
• Reduces the MP cost and cooldown of all skills (Marriage/Hyperactive Excluded)
• Reduces the MP Cost of Mana Break
• Ain stats will increase
• Power gauge is consumed every second

Power of God: Creation Magic
• When you use Command / Active attacks, additional hits without "flinch" activates
• When you use Special active attacks, additional hits with "flinch activates
• Power gauge is consumed regularly when attacking
• When you attack using command buttons, randomly activate 1 of 3 bonus attacks
• When you attack using active attack, randomly activate 1 of 3 El's bow / El's spear / El's spirit bonus attacks

Lofty: Wanderer
Job Change Ticket

200 K-Ching

Job Change Ticket

400 K-Ching