Let SEA and LATAM Create Champions!

International players, gather around because it’s your time to shine! Show Gaia players are just as powerful!
Sign up for the 2v2 International Tourney and showcase international power!


January 11th – January 22nd (23:59 PST)

Tourney Date (LATAM):

Round 1: January 27th (Friday | 13:00 PST)
Top 8: January 28th (Saturday | 13:00 PST)

Tourney Date (SEA):

Round 1: January 27th (Friday | 20:00 PST)
Top 8: January 28th (Saturday | 20:00 PST)

Watch the Match Here:



Match Setting
  • Single Elimination
  • 2 vs 2 PvP League
    • Power Mode
    • Time: 420 Seconds
    • Map: Random Team
      • Players may utilize Map Bans via the Map Settings function
  • Equipment is Enabled.
  • El Resonance Enabled.
  • Titles Enabled.
  • Livestream will be held for Quarter Finals (Top 8) @ https://www.twitch.tv/elsword.
  • All matches will be recorded to prevent any misjudging or suspicious player.
Pre-Top 8 Matches:

Best of 1s

Quarter (Top 8)/Semi Finals:

2 out of 3 wins


3 out of 5 wins

Standard Rule Set
  • Gaia Players Only.
  • Players may only sign up for 1 tournament.
    • If you signed up for LATAM’s tournament, you cannot join the SEA tournament and vice versa.
  • Titles are Allowed.
  • All Costumes are Allowed.
  • All Equipment and Accessories Allowed.
  • All Sockets and Attributes are allowed.
  • Artifact Accessories are allowed.
  • Use of Hyperactive skills are allowed.
  • Mod Skills are allowed.
  • El Resonance will be enabled.
  • Wedding Skills are prohibited.
  • No Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  • Character Class and Name Changes can be made on a case-by-case basis until the Brackets get posted.
  • Bracket will consist of 32 players max.
  • First come, first serve registration.
    • Extra teams after the initial 32 will be considered substitutes and replace any dropouts/no-shows.
  • Inappropriate Team Names will not be accepted.

  • Participants are required to provide a Discord Username for entry and check in must be made 15 minutes before the tournament.

  • Participants will be contacted via Discord by GM Raiden (GM Raiden#3598) for LATAM players and GM Quill (GM Quill#5035) for SEA players to join a Discord Server for check-in.