Following is the pre-announcement for the Enhancement System revamp updated on 01/31 maintenance.

1. Guaranteed Enhancement System Added

We have noticed that having to rely on enhancement chance when achieving appropriate Combat Power for late-game content, can cause immense stress on adventurers.
As such, we will be adding a Guaranteed Enhancement system on top of the existing Enhancement system up to enhancement +10 (up to +10 > +11 attempt).

There will be a gauge added each enhancement level, and when the gauge is full, the equipment is guaranteed to increase to the next enhancement level.
The gauge can increase by using “Blessed Fluorite Ore”.

Furthermore, the UI will be improved in order to prevent enhancement mistakes and make the information on following enhancement level more readily available.

This will be updated with the 1/31 maintenance.

2. Blacksmith Dismantle Removed and New Function Added

In order to make increasing specs a natural progress even with the Guaranteed Enhancement system through normal gameplay and events, the equipment and magic amulet levels from gameplay or events have to be of higher enhancement level.

However, there’s concern in providing the Blacksmith Dismantle function due to the possibility of bots and system abuse increasing.
Furthermore, it seemed that Blacksmith Dismantle is not very beneficial for everyday use for most adventurers.

In order to improve on these aspects, we will be removing the Blacksmith Dismantle function.
Instead, Blacksmiths will have Reforge Fee decreased based on the Blacksmith level.

Additionally, due to this significant change in function, characters with Blacksmith profession will be given a Profession Change Ticket with the update so they will be able to change into a different profession as compensation.

This will be updated with the 1/31 maintenance.

3. Prof. Pho Guide Reward Added

With the addition and changes to the Guaranteed Enhancement System and the Blacksmith profession, there will be added rewards to help with increasing Combat Power through Prof. Pho’s Growth Guide.

Additional Magic Amulets will be added depending on the current Prof. Pho’s Growth Guide stage.

This will be updated with the 2/28 maintenance.

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