• 2023-12-06 00:00 ~ 2023-12-06 3:30 AM PST


  • Character Balance Update
  • New Secret Dungeon
    • Deep-Sea Passage: Emergency Crisis
  • Secret Dungeon Revamp


★ Added

  • New Secret Reveal! Event
    (2023-12-06 00:00 ~ 2023-12-19 23:59)
  • Class Change Chance! Event
    (2023-12-06 00:00 ~ 2023-12-19 23:59)

★ Ended

  • Bountiful Guild Life Event
    (2023-11-22 00:00 ~ 2023-12-05 23:59)

[Cash Items]
★ Added

  • Aether Nobilitas
    (2023-12-06 00:00 ~ 2024-02-27 23:59)
  • Aether Nobilitas Ice Burner Trial Package (Buying Limit: 1)
    (2023-12-06 00:00 ~ 2024-02-27 23:59)
  • Aether Nobilitas 1+1 Ice Burner Package (Buying Limit: 10)
    (2023-12-06 00:00 ~ 2023-12-12 23:59)
  • DIY El House (Coin Laundry)
    (2023-12-06 00:00 ~ 2024-03-26 23:59)

★ Ended

  • Midnight Romance El House DIY
    (2023-08-16 00:00 ~ 2023-12-05 23:59)
  • Nox Venator Ice Burner
    (2023-09-13 00:00 ~ 2023-12-05 23:59)
  • Nox Venator Ice Burner Trial Package (Buying Limit: 1)
    (2023-09-13 00:00 ~ 2023-12-05 23:59)

★ Secret Dungeon Revamp

  • With the Secret Dungeon Revamp, Secret Dungeons will now become solo dungeons that can be entered when the character level is Lv.99 or higher.
  • The number of stages decreased compared to before. The stages are separated by Combat Power, so try out the Secret Dungeon that matches your character’s combat power.

Secret Dungeon Info

Stage Dungeon Name Entry Requirement Demon Realm Debuff Weekly Entry Limit
Stage 1 Dragon Nest: Abyss
Wally’s Underground Laboratory
Transporting Tunnel: CA
Lv. 99
Combat Power 500,000
5 times
Stage 2 Velder’s Hallucination
Temple of Trials
Lv. 99
Combat Power 1,500,000
Stage 3 The Rage of Behemoth
Grand Cavern: The Source of Demonic Energy
Lv. 99
Combat Power 2,500,000
Stage 4 Deep-Sea Passage: Emergency Crisis Lv. 99
Combat Power 5,000,000
  • Entering Secret Dungeon will no longer use an Entry Ticket. Each account will have 5 free entrances per week.
  • Weekly available entrances will decrease after clearing the dungeon.
  • Luto Mode will be removed after the revamp.
  • The Secret Dungeon will not be affected by EXP, Drop Rate socket effect and Event related effects, and will only be affected by ‘Secret Dungeon’ only effects.
  • With the Update, Secret Dungeon Entry Permit and Secret Dungeon Cube (Weapon, Armor, Accessory) can no longer be obtained.
  • Random Mission will not appear in Secret Dungeons.
  • You can exchange ‘Secret Dungeon Entry Permit’ obtained through dungeon drops with other items through NPC Ariel.
Needed Item Needed Amount Exchange Reward
Secret Dungeon Entry Permit x2 Complete Recovery Potion x1
Secret Dungeon Entry Permit x2 El Shard (Mystery) x1
  • The following quest related to Secret Dungeons can no longer be accepted or completed.
Quest Category Quest Name
[Dungeon] To Become Stronger! [Secret Dungeon] Danger of Secret Dungeons
[Dungeon] To Become Stronger! [Secret Dungeon] Balance Falls Apart
[Dungeon] To Become Stronger! [Secret Dungeon] Barrier Investigation
[Dungeon] To Become Stronger! [Secret Dungeon] Hidden Dungeon Revealed
[Dungeon] To Become Stronger! [Secret Dungeon] Reason to Restore the Barrier
  • Prof. Pho’s First Guide – Lesson 3’s Secret Dungeon related quest will be replaced with new quests. Those who completed the First Guide – Lesson 3 can also complete the newly added quest.
  • Prof Pho’s Third Guide – Lesson 5, a new guide quest related to Secret Dungeon is added.

Secret Dungeon Reward

Stage Reward per Stage Fixed Reward
Stage 1 ED 2,000,000
Barrier’s Fragment x100

EXP 200,000,000
El Reward x5

Stage 2 ED 10,000,000
Barrier’s Fragment x100
Stage 3 ED 20,000,000
Barrier’s Fragment x100
Stage 4 ED 30,000,000
Brilliant Secret Cube
  • When you use the Brilliant Secret Cube, you can obtain 1 of the following items at a varied rate.
Item Info Obtainable Item
Brilliant Secret Cube Forgotten Golden Earrings x1
Forgotten Golden Arm Ornament x1
Forgotten Golden Necklace x1
Forgotten Golden Headgear x1
Forgotten Golden Ring x1
Seeker of Secrets x1
Secret Fragment x3~5
(Item Drop Rates are varied.)

Secret Dungeon Accessory Info

Item Name Fixed Effect Set Effect
Forgotten Golden Earrings Damage in Secret Dungeon increased by 2%
Clear Reward EXP Gain +1%
(Secret Dungeon)

Critical 2%
Action Speed 2%

Maximize 2%
Damage in Secret Dungeon increased by 2%
Clear Reward ED Gain +1%
(Secret Dungeon)

Physical Attack Power +3%
Magical Attack Power +3%
Clear Reward EXP Gain +1%
(Secret Dungeon)

Adaptation +3% (Max 55%) (Dungeon)
Damage in Secret Dungeon increased by 5%
Clear Reward ED Gain +2%
(Secret Dungeon)

Forgotten Golden Arm Ornament Damage in Secret Dungeon increased by 2%
Clear Reward ED Gain +1%
(Secret Dungeon)
Forgotten Golden Necklace Damage in Secret Dungeon increased by 2%
Clear Reward EXP Gain +1%
(Secret Dungeon)
Forgotten Golden Headgear Damage in Secret Dungeon increased by 2%
Clear Reward ED Gain +1% 
(Secret Dungeon)
Forgotten Golden Ring Damage in Secret Dungeon increased by 2%
Clear Reward EXP Gain +1% 
(Secret Dungeon)

Secret Dungeon Title

Title Name Title Effect
Seeker of Secrets Adaptation +3% (Max 55%) (Dungeon)
Clear Reward EXP Gain +5% (Secret Dungeon)
Clear Reward ED Gain +5% (Secret Dungeon)
Damage in Secret Dungeon increased by 10%
  • Use the Brilliant Secret Cube to obtain at a varied rate.
  • You can check the title through Title > Character > Special Tab.

★ Gain Growing Adventurer’s Equipment

  • As Secret Dungeon Equipment (Weapon, Armor, Accessory) will no longer be available with the Secret Dungeon Revamp, Growing Adventurer’s Equipment Cube will be given as a reward for clearing epic quest ‘[Dungeon] To Become Stronger!’
  • The Adventurer’s Equipment Cube that was given as a clear reward for each region’s epic quest is removed, and the same amount of ED as the cube contents resell value is added to the epic quest ED reward.

★ Free Training Improvement

  • 6 new types of training dummies are added to the Free Training.
    • Dummy (Boss, Defense X) 3 Types: Giant, Massive, Long
    • Stone Dummy (Boss, Defense O) 3 types: Giant, Massive, Long
  • Accumulated Skill Damage Limit has increased to 9.9 billion. (Before: 990 million)

★ Normal Dungeon ED Adjustment

  • Dungeon ED drop amount is adjusted to reflect the difficulty level of the dungeon.
  • Dungeons requiring higher combat power will have increased ED drops.
Dungeon Name Region +/-
Elrianode City Elrianode Decrease
Debrian Laboratory [Normal] Elrianode Decrease
Shadow Vein Varnimyr Decrease
Sea of Ruin Rigomor Decrease
Theme Park Entrance Tirnog Increase
Tricky House Tirnog Increase
Puppet Theater Tirnog Increase
Shadow Earl’s Castle Tirnog Increase
Palace of Gold Medovine Monaterra Increase
Hunter’s Hideout Monaterra Increase

★ Character

  • Fixed certain commands not properly hitting when changed to the awakening only look.


  • Fixed Super Armor outline not showing when using Dodge and Slash skill even when in Super Armor state.
  • Some of the icons that were used in multiple skills will be changed.
Class Name Skill Name
Grand Master The Knight-Captain, Awakened Will: Grand Master
Pyro Knight Infernal Blade
Blazing Heart Flame Protection, Soul Ignition
Flame Lord [Mod] Infernal Blade
Dark Knight Brutal Cutter
Crimson Avenger Shade Illusion, Overflowing Blood

[Mad Paradox]

  • Fixed Event Horizon skill’s additional continued damage to event horizon affecting the dungeon result’s Damage Dealt section.


  • Fixed combat power not showing the representing stat’s combat power from the party list.


  • Fixed not winking when using Cuddly Seal (Hug me): Rose custom motion.

★ Dungeon/PvP/Field

  •  Fixed ignoring the platform and falling when landing on a platform with great speed.

★ Item

  • Fixed some typos in [Luriel] Dungeon Entry Ticket Select Cube. ([Cobo] > [Luriel])
  • Removed some text from [Luriel] Guild Cooking items distributed through the Guild Revamp event. Deleted message) Guild Harvest/Food can be stored in Guild Storage.


  • Entry ticket information is added to Torta Arena dungeon tooltip from the dungeon UI.
  • When using equipment page, fixed removed equipment’s tooltip still being shown as saved on the equipment page.
  • Fixed Weapon Growth Quest icon not being shown properly when completing Weapon Growth quest from the Character UI.
  • Vitality Potion (5), William’s Small Apple Crate (1), and Mana Elixir (2) ‘s exchange method from the El Reward exchange list is changed to select exchange from varied rate.
  • ‘Cannot be obtained any more’ is added to the Secret Dungeon Entry Permit’s item tooltip.
  • When using Greater Gnosis Blessing, the effect and remaining duration will be shown through the chat window announcement.
    Ex) Gained 1 GSP point with the Greater Gnosis Blessing.
    Greater Gnosis Blessing Remaining Duration: 1 Day 1 Hour
  • Ereda Island, Secret Dungeon Reward Icons (AP, EXP) are changed to the new icon.
  • When receiving an item with temporary inventory, fixed actual obtained item and dungeon result item obtained list showing different amounts.
  • Cube contents that include Secret Dungeon Entry Permit will no longer drop Secret Dungeon Entry Permit.
  • [Dungeon] Dungeon Master! 2/3 quest clear condition is changed to ‘Clear Gate of Darkness 2 times’.
  • ‘Secret Dungeon Entry Permit’ item will be removed from the Stewardship Coin exchange list.
  • ‘Secret Dungeon Entry Permit’ item will be removed from the Competitor’s Coin exchange list.
  • Fixed some unnatural parts for the Guild Base Skin ‘Castle of Count Vlad’ background.
  • Fixed not being able to move items from the pet inventory after moving channels in certain situations
  • Fixed not being able to talk to NPCs by clicking in certain situations.
  • Fixed border remaining in the quick slots upon removing costumes when the Ice Burner Season Buff is applied.

★ Character Balance Update

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